Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A non-developer's update for Mipen's Bannerlord Tweaks mod which stopped working after the 1.4.3 update, and extended with tweaks I find useful. Feel free to use it and best of luck.

Updated for 1.4.3, 1.5.0 , 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4-beta

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I'm not a developer, but I found Bannerlord Tweaks invaluable though it stopped working on 1.4.3. So I downloaded it from GitHub and mucked around with the files as a way to teach myself C#, and somehow got a version that works for me. Since so many seem to like the original, I'm happy to try to maintain the mod to the best of my abilities and add enhancements as I learn my way around the codebase. 

Your mileage might vary, use at your own risk, etc.


(Link to Original Bannerlord Tweaks) - All Credit to Mipn for this work on the original BT!


Dependencies for this mod are: 
  • HarmonyDependency for MCM
  • Mod Configuration Menu - Note that as of game release 1.5.4, MCMv3 users will need to switch to the MCMv4 setup due to the extensive changes in the game UI. 


Quick Setup (Using MCMv4, since it will be the only one that works w/ the game as of release 1.5.4)

  1. Download & install this mod
  2. Download & install Harmony 
  3. Download & install Mod Configuration Menu (v4.0.7 or v4.1.0 for game v1.5.3, v4.1.0+ for game v1.5.4+)
  4. Download & install ButterLib (Requirement for MCM)
  5. Download & install UIExtender (Requirement for MCM)
  6. Modify your load order to load MCM and it's requirements before native mods, and Bannerlord Tweaks last.

(Note: Verify this load order even if you use an auto-sorting launcher, as they can frequently get it wrong and cause crashes)



Recent Change Log (See Changelog for Full List)
v1.5.4.3 -
      - The 1.5.4-beta version of v1.5.3.3. It will _NOT_ work with game v1.5.3, and requires the MCMv4 setup (Harmony/ButterLib/UIExtender). 
v1.5.3.3 -
      - Fixed display bug in smelting tweak where the # of parts that will be learned by smelting was showing an incorrect value.
      - Doubled Tournament Rewards values by request. (Note that the new max values can be quite unbalanced, so set them to max at your own risk.
      - Fixed a bug that wasn't giving skillxp bonus to Brother's spouse. (Assuming you're using a mod that lets you marry off your brother (ex. Heritage)
v1.5.3.2 -
      - The 1.5.3-tested version of v1.5.2.1, including all of the new tweaks in v1.5.2.1. 
v1.5.2.1 -
      - Added tweak to adjust the rate at which companions skill up. (Find it under "Hero Skill Experience Multiplier")
 [Special Thanks to hsifles for the ideation and testing on the skill-up tweak]
      - Adjusted pregnancy chance calculations to reduce chance of pregnancy the more children a mother has. Should reduce chances of clans with 20+ babies.
      - Added tweak to allow a bonus to your clan's (you spouse, family member's spouses, etc.) chances of getting pregnant. 
  (Find it under "Pregnancy Tweaks/Pregnancy Chance Tweaks/Clan Fertility Bonus")
v1.5.3.1 -
      - A version of updated for 1.5.3 Beta - Will NOT work with 1.5.2 or earlier.
v1.5.0.3 -
      - Re-converted to MCMv3 and removed ModLib dependency. Added Wage tweaks and increased some tweak max limits.


Part of the Jiros Dead Mod Revival Project:
Bannerlord Tweaks - A collection of configurable tweaks to support your play-style. ( Original author: Mipn )
Crafted Item Copyright - Remove crafted items from shops and tournaments. ( Original author: Maegfaer )
Sound The Alarm - Pop-Up Alerts to let you know when your settlements are under attack.  (Co-Authoring with TheWulfPanda )
Leave Settlements on Click - Exit settlements by clicking outside of them. A small, but useful mod. (Original author: ReaperAnon )
Manage Remote Companions and Parties - Manage companions and parties remotely. (Original author: RathorDax)

Got a favorite mod that seems abandoned or hasn't been updated in a while? Let me know and we'll see what can be done.