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A non-developer's update for Mipen's Bannerlord Tweaks mod which stopped working after the 1.4.3 update, and extended with tweaks I find useful. Feel free to use it and best of luck.

Updated for 1.4.3, 1.5.0 , 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5, 1.5.6.

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A non-developer's update for Mipn's Bannerlord Tweaks mod which stopped working after the 1.4.3 update, and extended with tweaks I find useful. Feel free to use it and best of luck.

Your mileage might vary, use at your own risk, etc. (All Credit to Mipn for this work on the original BT!)



Dependencies for this mod are: 
  • Harmony - Dependency for MCM
  • Mod Configuration Menu - As of game release 1.5.4, MCMv3 users will need to switch to the MCMv4 setup due to the extensive changes in the game UI. 


Quick Setup (Using MCMv4, since it will be the only one that works w/ the game as of release 1.5.4)

  1. Download & install this mod
  2. Download & install Harmony 
  3. Download & install Mod Configuration Menu (v4.0.7 or v4.1.0 for game v1.5.3, v4.1.0+ for game v1.5.4+)
  4. Download & install ButterLib (Requirement for MCM)
  5. Download & install UIExtender (Requirement for MCM)
  6. Modify your load order to load MCM and it's requirements before native mods, and Bannerlord Tweaks last.

(Note: Verify this load order even if you use an auto-sorting launcher, as they can frequently get it wrong and cause crashes)



Recent Change Log (See Changelog for Full List)

v1.5.7.2 (Main Branch 1.5.7 ONLY) - Will NOT work on 1.5.8.
    - Tweak Update: Merge in changes.
    - Tweak Update: Increase tournament XP multiplier maximum to 10x.
    - Bugfix: Fix issue w/ Wages Tweak being additive instead of subtractive.
    - Tweak Disabled: Disabled Conspiracy Quest tweaks until we understand how it's changed. Prevents potential crash.

 (Main Branch 1.5.6 ONLY) - Will NOT work on 1.5.7. (Will be incorporated into release)

    - Bugfix: Fixed a crash bug in the 'All-Clan Parties Suffer No Cohesion Loss' tweak. Thanks to pigey1998 for finding/reporting!
    - Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Prisoner Escape Tweak where tweak might not be applied when it should. Thanks to Khaosius1 for reporting!
    - Minor clean-ups and spelling clean-up.

v1.5.7.1 (Main Branch 1.5.7 ONLY) - Will NOT work on 1.5.6 or earlier.
    - Tweak Fix: Battle Size tweak is working again. Due to TW's code changes, you will not see it in Bannerlord Options anymore, but when
      you enter a battle, the Tweaked number will be the number used to determine Max Battle Size. 

v1.5.7.0 (Main Branch 1.5.7 ONLY) - Will NOT work on 1.5.6 or earlier.
    - Early Beta build for v1.5.7. Still needs more testing, but appears to be working ok. Please report any bugs in the bugs section.
    - Battle Size tweak is bugged and causing game crashes. Disable it for now, or wait for mod v1.5.7.1 for a fix. 

v1.5.6.7 (Main Branch 1.5.6 ONLY) - Will NOT work on 1.5.7. 
    - Bugfix: Fixed barter tweak bug which let it apply to AI lords, resulting in a lot of lord defections when the tweak is set to aggressively.
        (Bug applied only when you did NOT also select the 'Alternate formula' tweak.)

v1.5.6.6 (Main Branch 1.5.6 ONLY) - Not Likely to work on 1.5.7
    - Tweak Update: Modified Troop Battle / Sim Battle Experience Multiplier minimum from 1.0 to .01.
    - Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Barter Tweak where the Alt Formula is not also selected.

v1.5.5.4 (Old 1.5.5 Branch) & v1.5.6.5 (Main Branch 1.5.6)
    - New Tweak: Added Per-Skill bonuses for some harder to raise skills (Engineer, Leadership, Medicine, Riding, Roguery, Scouting & Trade)
        [Find them under Character Tweaks -> Skill Experience Multiplier -> Per-Skill Bonuses]
    - Reduced charm bonus from the new conformity tweak (Beta Only). It was making charm rocket up way too quickly if you had many prisoners.
    - More code cleanup.

v1.5.6.4 (Beta Branch 1.5.6 ONLY)
    - New Tweak: Add a bonus to conformity gains to speed the rate at which prisoners are recruited.
        [Find it under Prisoner Tweaks -> Prisoner Conformity Tweaks]
    - Settings Fix: Fixed toggle on smelting of locked weapons tweak. Was accidentally hidden.
    - Additional code clean-up.

v1.5.6.3 (Beta Branch 1.5.6 ONLY)
    - Tweak Removed: Remote Companion Management is removed, as it is now part of the base game.
    - Tweak Fix: Re-enabled the Unlimited Wanderers Tweak for Beta branch.
    - Continued to refactor and stabilize code, finished adding null-checks to reduce chances of crashes.
    - Added metadata to submodule.xml to make it work better with BUTRLoader. Mod will now not be loadable if your game version is below 1.5.6, 
        if you are missing a dependency, or if your dependency versions are too old (should prevent more crashes and unwanted behavior).

v1.5.5.3 (Main 1.5.5 Branch ONLY) & v1.5.6.1 (Beta Branch 1.5.6 ONLY)
    - New Tweak: All-Clan Armies (containing only your clan's parties) suffer 0 cohesion loss. Credit to Ruihan (KZ14365) for the idea & bulk of the code.
            [Find it under Parties Tweaks -> Army Tweaks]
    - General Improvements: Added more null-checks (Up to 55% of the code). Should further reduce chances of crashes.
    - v1.5.6.0 - DISABLED Unlimited Wanderers Tweak for now until I can update it for 1.5.6. 

v1.5.5.2 (Main 1.5.5 Branch ONLY) - NOT Compatible with v1.5.4 or 1.5.6

    - Bug Fix: Resolved issue with Prisoner Tweak crashing the game due to last minute 1.5.5 code change. Thanks TW! 
    - Bug Fix: Battle Size tweak works again. New Limit is 1500, but the actual limit depends on your computer, so you may need to experiment. 
    - Tweak Update: Roguery's Deep Pockets perk now affects Tournament Bets with Tourney Betting Tweak enabled.
    - Tweak Update: Conspiracy Quest tweak will now reduce the strength of the conspiracy over time if the tweak is enabled.
    - New Tweak: # of Clan Parties Tweak can now be applied to AI Lords, Minor Factions, and Custom Spawn's parties (if you have that mod). 
            This should allow AI lords to field more parties and make for a more lively map. 
            [Find it under Clan Parties Tweak -> AI Lord Parties Tweak | Custom Spawns Parties Tweak]
    - New Tweak: Option to disable your clan parties donating troops to settlements. Prevents high-tier troops from being moved to 
            settlements and being replaced with crap troops. [Find it under Settlement Tweaks -> Disable Troop Donation Tweak]
    - General Improvement: Added numerous null-checks to ~45% of the code, hopefully reducing chances of crashes. 
            Will cover the rest in the next patch.
    - General Improvement: Changed groupings of tweaks to (hopefully) make them easier to manage, find. YMMV.

v1.5.4.7 (Main 1.5.4 Branch) & v1.5.5.1 (Beta 1.5.5 Branch Only)

- New Tweak: Increase prisoner sizes. [See Prisoner Tweaks section]
- Bug Fix: Fixed bug in companion limit tweak calculations giving too many companions.
- Bug Fix: Update castle/town construction tweak. It was providing outdated values and bonuses. 
- Update: Increased possible siege speed bonus to 10x (from 1.5x). 


Part of the Jiros Dead Mod Revival Project:
Bannerlord Tweaks - A collection of configurable tweaks to support your play-style. ( Original author: Mipn )
Crafted Item Copyright - Remove crafted items from shops and tournaments. ( Original author: Maegfaer )
Sound The Alarm - Pop-Up Alerts to let you know when your settlements are under attack.  (Co-Authoring with TheWulfPanda )
Leave Settlements on Click - Exit settlements by clicking outside of them. A small, but useful mod. (Original author: ReaperAnon )
Manage Remote Companions and Parties - Manage companions and parties remotely. (Original author: RathorDax)
Kaoses Parties Sizes - Allows manipulation of party sizes, troop limits, & speed for various party types. (Original author: Lazeras)

Got a favorite mod that seems abandoned or hasn't been updated in a while? Let me know and we'll see what can be done.