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An update/revival of Lazeras' Kaoses Party Sizes. Allows +/- of party sizes and troop limits for various party types, including bandits and custom spawns.

I'm not the creator of this mod, but I'm keeping it going until Lazeras returns to take it over again, if he/she chooses.

Permissions and credits
  • Korean
An update/revival of Lazeras' excellent mod: Kaoses Party Sizes.

Converted from ModLib to MCMv4 to allow for it to run under the new updates (1.5.3+), and updated some logic to Harmony to reduce crashes when base game models are updated. 

I am NOT the mod's original author, and I don't take credit for any of the original work. I'm just someone keeping it going until/if Lazeras returns to take it over again.

From the Original Mod:

Allows you to set the party limits on a modular basis. It will allow you have different sized bandit parties base on type, as well as AI party sizes on a per faction basis, also can set different limits for the following minor parties peasants, outlaws and mercenaries. Basic support for custom spawns mod parties added via key word cs_

Party templates that are loaded by the game are modified by the specified multipliers if enabled, for more details please read further down. The mod should work for new and existing games and be fine to remove from save games.

The bandits include separate modifiers for Boss parties separate from the standard parties.

  • The current range for modifiers are from 0.1 to 10 (Values below 1.0 reducing troop limits and values above it increasing troop limits)
  • Modify party speed modifiers for various party types (These include player, kingdom AI, all bandits , caravans, elite caravans and villagers)
  • Speed can be modified from -3.5 to 3.5. (Positive numbers increase party speed while negative decrease their speed; Minimum speed for any party is 1.0)


!IMPORTANT: Mod Config Menu v4 (MCMv4) and it's dependent mods are now a dependency

Quick Setup: 

  1. Download & install Harmony  (Dependency for this Mod & MCM)
  2. Download & install ButterLib (Dependency for MCM)
  3. Download & install UIExtender (Dependency for MCM)
  4. Download & install Mod Configuration Menu (v4.1.0+)
  5. Download & install this mod
  6. Modify your load order to load Harmony, ButterlLib, and MCM (and it's sub-mods) before the native mods.
  7. Load this Mod after Native mods 

Supported parties:

  • looters
  • Mountain Bandits
  • Forest Bandits
  • Sea Raiders
  • Desert Bandits
  • Steppe Bandits

  • Empire
  • Sturgia
  • Aserai
  • Battania
  • Vlandia
  • Khuzait

  • Normal
  • Elite

  • Villagers
  • Outlaws
  • Mercenary
  • Minor

Expanded Details
Each of the multipliers is applied using key words via the Party Template id field. Each party can then have their minimum and maximum troop limits increased or decreased.

The various modifiers cover the following groups

  • All bandit parties including looters and sea raiders. Any party id's with key words looters, bandits or raiders are looked at. If the bandit party is not one of the native it uses the Other Bandit settings.

keyword caravan
  • Caravans

Elite Caravans

keyword elite
  • Elite Caravans

keyword kingdom_hero
  • All native kingdom factions

keyword kingdom_hero and that aren't one of the native major factions
  • Jawwal
  • Karakhuzaits
  • Forest People
  • Eleftheroi

keyword mercenary
  • Ghilman
  • Legion of the Betrayed
  • Skolderbrotva
  • Company of the Boar

keyword outlaw
  • Beni Zilal
  • Wolfskins
  • Embers of Flame
  • Guardians
  • Hidden Hand
  • Lakepike
  • Brotherhood of Woods

Other Kingdom
  • If a party id contains the keyword kingdom_hero_ai it will use the Other Kingdom settings

Other Minor
  • If a party id contains the keywords kingdom_hero_minor it will use the Other Minor settings

  • char_creation_player_party all factions
  • gamescom_player_party_template  3 listed factions

keyword villager

  • All native villager parties

Custom Spawns Mod
Keyword cs_
  • Single multiplier that applies to all cs_ parties

Part of the Jiros Dead Mod Revival Project:
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