Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Bandit parties merge together, or split apart as they gain power and training from their hero leaders.

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For game version 1.4.2b, the latest mod version is 2.2.1.
The latest version supports the latest beta branch.

When bandit parties join under the right circumstances, a hero comes forward to lead them.  The hero will command them so don't expect disorganized mobs.

The heroes have collected some shoddy mismatched gear from the battlefield and they know how to train their troops!  The militias will slowly grow in strength the more they join and split apart, or win in battle.

The size and strength of the militias varies over time, in sync with the world's overall strength, but it swings widely on a regular basis to encourage the growth and splitting of large militias.

EXISTING PLAYERS please press CTRL+ALT+N one time to remove all Bandit Militias from the world.
This is to get a clean slate and mod stability depends on it.

Just install it and the militias immediately start forming based on all these criteria being met:

    not being close to a hideout
    not fleeing (anti-snowball)
    troop count and power randomly vary in relation to world averages
    not more than half cavalry

You can also adjust the settings by editing the included mod_settings.json file.

Please back up your save game or make a new checkpoint save or whatever.  You're responsible for your game integrity.

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This mod would not have been possible without Harmony and even direct help from Andreas Pardeike!
Please consider supporting his project financially