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Bandit Militia parties roam the world with heroes leading them. Bandits band together. They train and upgrade, becoming more powerful and pillaging villages. Highly configurable, small CPU usage.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Mandarin
You can find me on Discord at the TaleWorlds server: with the handle @gnivler#1010.


Populate the world with Bandit Militia parties.  When bandits get close and meet certain conditions they band together with a hero to lead them in battle, don't expect disorganized mobs.  Large Bandit Militias may also split apart, become two smaller but more dangerous parties.  Each transition triggers training, and their troops improve.

The mod is very configurable and these settings are exposed thanks to MCM mod.  I've tried to make the
setting descriptions helpful.
  You can also adjust the settings in game without reloading.  There are 2 presets, Default and Hard.

What to expect:

  • bandit parties will seek other nearby bandits and form Bandit Militias
  • Bandit Militias will spawn in the world
  • Each BM party has an Avoidance score for each hero
  • Any BM that sees another BM get destroyed will gain avoidance to the winning hero
  • On a regular basis BMs will exchange knowledge of all their encountered heroes with nearby BMs, informing their decision on how much Avoidance to use

This mod does add data to your save game.  I've included an easy uninstall method.
You can uninstall by using the hotkey Ctrl-Alt-N to clear the world of Bandit Militia parties, then save, exit, and disable the mod.

Please back up your save game or make a new checkpoint save.  You're responsible for your game integrity.

Possible compatibility issues:
- problems reported with newer Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms - 9/9/2021
- problems reported with 1.6.5 and Diplomacy - 1/9/2022

Thanks to:
OrderWOPower - discussion, insight, bug reporting (check out their mods
Grisch - discussion, insight, bug reporting (check out his mods)
Balbor - testing, bug reporting
Kaptain - testing, bug reporting

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