Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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garrisons don't consume food unless there is a siege

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This mod is as thoroughly tested and stable as I've been able to make it.  It's play-tested for many hours before release.  QA is important and I go to great lengths to prevent problems.  I hope you enjoy the mod!

You can find me on Discord at the TaleWorlds server: with the handle @gnivler#1010.

inspired by V's Garrisons Don't Eat Nor Starve - v2 (out of date)


Reverts the effects of garrisons consuming food, effectively making it zero. 

This is just QoL pending TW (or someone else!) doing something superior.

The tooltip in the settlement will reflect free garrison food.

No more evaporating garrisons.

It doesn't affect save games in any way.  Simply delete or disable to stop using.

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This mod would not have been possible without Harmony and even direct help from Andreas Pardeike!
Please consider supporting his project financially