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A totally historically inaccurate firearm total overhaul.
New models, troops, rifles, pistols, grenades, and particle effects.
Enjoy until something better comes along.
One faction fully implemented (except lords), three with "filler" troop trees, and two still untouched.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin


  • Only one faction troop tree has actually been implemented (The Empire).
  • Vlandia, Battania, and the Aserai are currently "filler" troop trees with firearms. You can expect them to be overhauled.
  • Khuzait and Sturgia have not yet been implemented.

Installation Instructions:

1. Upon download, you should have three modules: !CA_LoadBeforeNative, CalradiaAwakensItems, and CalradiaAwakens_FireSteel
.2. !CA_LoadBeforeNative should be loaded above all another modules, including the bannerlord modules, so it should be above Native
5. FireSteel should be loaded below the items module.
6. Enable the module(s), and enjoy.

UNBLOCK all DLL files from this mod. If you're getting a CTD at launch, this is highly likely the reason. This should be done with any Bannerlord mod. You can find two in the items module.Modules\CalradiaAwakensItems\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client > two DLLs are present
1. Right click the DLL
2. Properties
3. Unblock

CA Important - Load At Top Above Native
Sandbox Core
Other Mods (if you're facing an issue, please remove these first)
CalradiaAwaken - Fire and Steel

This is the BEST place to provide feedback, make requests, or leave your thoughts for any of the Calradia Awakens mods.

The Team + Shout Outs:
EVERYONE who enjoys this mod and give svaluable feedback!
/ KingKilo - Me
Hangyu5 / yhyu13 - Developer of the original shotgun mod for bannerlord, he is responsible for the aura feature (not used as much in this mod) and multi-projectile  (as seen when using the blunderbuss in this mod) features the Calradia Awakens mods make use of!
Lyon  - Responsible for several models used in game! This one's skills have improved rapidly and he was very kind enough to donate his time for your enjoyment!
ThrashManic9 - This guy has been working hard to rig up some stuff for the mods!
Timur - Creator of our lovely discord icon!
Taleworlds - For creating such a lovely and amazing game, and supporting modders by actively answering our questions and providing supports.
The TW Forum - Modding Discord people - A great community that offers help! 
anoldretiredelephant / shooterperson11 - I am currently making use of a cannon firing sound he provided me! Make sure to check out his work, he is a multi-talented modder.
The Calradia Awakens Team
Jestle's Firearms
Fantasy Version 
FerDuhrer and his Galea helms!

The Mod:
  • This is not a historically accurate mod
  • This will not attempt to be a historically accurate mod
  • You might as well call it fantasy or alt-history, I simply don't have the time or resources to do that kind of mod, give me a break!

The primary purpose of any of the Calradia Awakens mods is for people to have fun until the other great mods are released.
"It'll do for now."

The secondary purpose is for other modders to perhaps get ideas or shorten their own development time by seeing how some things can be done.

I know we have another mod called "Calradia Awakens: Mount & Musket", so why make another?

This mod will not be limited to simply "muskets", it will include whatever we feel like putting in.
Hell, I am planning on making Vlandia themed off of something similar to WW1 Germany. Yes, there are lugers and a kar98k.

Yes, I could add or remove these in the future based on feedback. As such, I don't 100% know which direction this mod will go. It might end up being limited to muskets, or I might include breechloaders and more bolt-action weapons! Who knows! Thus, "Fire & Steel" is a much more "general" name than Mount & Musket.

Leave feed back on what you think would be a good idea. This could end up pretty wonky, but can change with whatever people want.

Currently in the mod:

Pistols, Rifles, Grenades, Cannons, Bolt-Action Rifles, "Yes that is a luger", Blunderbusses, Romans, etc. More to come.

The Empire: First draft of their troop tree has been complete. This could completely change depending on feedback.

Next faction to be implemented will be Vlandia, "The One Reich".

Vlandia: Currently uses a filler troop tree with firearms, will be complete sometime  within a week. They are themed off of a medieval + WW1 Germany. Everything you see with this troop tree is simply legacy stuff from the Mount & Musket mod, and you can expect drastic changes. I plan on making their weapons have a higher fire rate, with some weapons being able to fire multiple times before requiring a reload.

Aserai: Currently only uses a filler troop tree with firearms. Most likely going to be themed on typical middle eastern faction with firearms.

Battania: Currently only uses a filler troop tree with firearms. Current filler theme is a faction fighting for independence. 

Sturgia: Currently not implemented at all, open to suggestions.

Khuzait: Currently not implemented at all, open to suggestions. I was considering doing a "communist" type faction with a lot of weak troops (firearms + clothes rather than armor)  but will have powerful elite commissar troops that have auras. These auras could add damage to nearby troops, add defense, add morale, etc.
Thus the gameplay mechanic will be that their basic troops are weak alone, but quickly become a force to reckon with when elite troops are stationed nearby.

Future Plans:

  • Fully implement all factions
  • Bandits, minor factions, lords, etc.
  • Either go more "wild / wonky" or go more stable depending on feedback.
  • Fix pricing on all items. Current values are not really indicative of their value unfortunately. The game itself is determining the price based off of several factors.
  • More varied sounds and particle effects
  • Sounds unique to weapon types

What I need:

  • Feedback! How do the firearms feel? How are the reload speeds? How is the empire troop tree?
  • Balance! Are firearms too weak? Should a bullet knock you down when hit?
  • Suggestions regarding troops changes, themes for factions, etc.
  • How is performance? Are the particle effects too much? Does the smoke cause lag?

Highly suggested mods: Before installing, please double check to make sure they have been updated for the version of bannerlord you are one.

Cultured Start - This mod will allow you to have various game starts. If you want to quickly be a vassal of a faction or even have your own castle, "this is the way".
Custom Crosshair - I will be making this a recommended mod for all of mine in the future. The reason why this mod is relevant to my own, is that it will allow you to keep your crosshair after firing a ranged weapon. In native Bannerlord, the crosshair will dissapear after your first shot. In our mods, some of our weapons can be fired multiple times. This will alow you to maintain your aim!

  • Other mods that modify troops trees
  • Realistic battle overhaul - I know, right? Bummer. But this mod changes the way projectiles work, and I currently just don't have the time to make compatibility patches for my mods with this one.

Free Resources Used:
PLEASE NOTE: I had to drastically modify these resources, including but not limited to custom textures, ripping off and adding pieces, resizing, decimating, etc.
The quality you see in game is NOT an accurate portrayal of the quality the original creators made. Please check out their work here:
I need to repeat that everything has been edited, including sounds.