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Dagon Fel, the End of the World, the northern-most settlement of Morrowind, and one of the more iconic villages from the vanilla game. A tiny fishing village amidst the ruins of ancient civilizations, the look and feel of Dagon Fel is like no other, with calls of adventure on every side, and it is the only majority Nordic-populated village on Vvardenfell.

Given its rich and unique location, Dagon Fel has often been a popular target for city overhauls, and today, for our Mods of the Day, we're taking a look at three of those mods, including Nordic Dagon Fel and Nordic Dagon Fel NPCs by RandomPal and Dagon Fel Redone by Markond.

Each of these three mods seeks to enhance the Nordic qualities of Dagon Fel in different ways, enhancing or replacing the natural Nordic architecture in Dagon Fel, and replacing the interiors and furnishings with new Nordic variants.

They're very different, yet very similar mods, and they're all worth checking out, though which one would look best in your game is entirely up to you.

Download Links:
Dagon Fel Redone By Markond
Nordic Dagon Fel By RandomPal
Nordic Dagon Fel NPCs By RandomPal

Note: This video was recorded with Rytelier's CinemaCam mod.

The music in today's video is from Morrowind Music Overdose and Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb and Epidemic Sound.