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DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto

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Overhaul of the Arena Waistworks to make them look closer to what dialogue and lore says about the Arena.

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Let’s take a look at what the vanilla dialogue line for the Vivec Arena says:

The Arena is the site of public entertainments and combat sports. The comfortable domed Arena has seating for hundreds of spectators; beneath the Arena are dressing and storage rooms for entertainers and training rooms and animal pens for the combat competitors.

However, the arena only has training quarters and a training room for fighters. There’s also the oddity that the Waistworks are built exactly like any other canton, even though the exterior is quite different, with the arena pit occupying most of the exterior space.
They did fit everything in a way that sort matches the exterior, but the final outcome resembles the maze-like structure of any other Waistworks, which I consider a missed opportunity.

This mod completely rebuilds the interior of the arena: the Waistworks have been completely reworked, and they’re now built like a big circular corridor that follows the shape of the arena pit. From the Waistworks you can then access a variety of interiors:
  • The vanilla Canalworks
  • The vanilla prison cell
  • Training quarters
  • Performers living quarters
  • Dressing rooms
  • Animal pens
This new layout, alongside the new interiors, should convey the feeling that the Waistworks are essentially the backstage of a big and busy arena where all sorts of spectacles take place, and not just battles.
The interior layout matches the exterior of the canton. You could copy-paste the entire interior into one cell and compare with the exterior and it’s a close match, within reason of course (vanilla doesn’t really care that much about int-ext matching).
Patches provided for:

  • Gladiator: it’s an old mod with questionable writing, but it’s simple and lightweight and it does make the arena a place of interest of fun. Instead of simply patching it, I also made some significant changes. Now you’re no longer joining any sort of faction. Instead, you simply stumble across a guy who organizes fights in the arena, and you can fight if you’re in for the challenge and for the money. All the dialogue lines have been replaced so they’re grammatically correct and stylistically appropriate.
  • Note: the Open Arena version of the Gladiator patch also works with BCoM and Skywind Concept Art Arena.

Note: already merged into BCoM.

OAAB team
TD team
Tapetenklaus: his work on "Vivec - God the City" served as a base and inspiration.