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A configurable framework that provides support for situation specific custom ambient music.

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This framework provides the ability to add custom ambient music to the game that should play in specific situations.
The project is currently in beta status.

The framework itself won't give you any new ambient music. You'll need additional mods.
You can use Dynamic Music - Daggerfall Guild Themes which will bring you the OG Daggerfall guild themes in every building of the Mage's and Fighter's guild.

The framework provides limited built in support for the following MUSE music mods.
Install one or more of them in the usual way and it should work automatically.


You need the latest OpenMW development build!
I recommend Mod Organizer 2 to install the mod. Otherwise extract the content of the zip file into the Data Files directory inside your Morrowind installation folder.
Mod Organizer 2 might show a warning during installation. As long as the scripts folder and the DynamicMusic.omwscripts file is placed in the data files directory everthing should be fine.
Don't forget to activate the "DynamicMusic.omwscripts" in your OpenMW Launcher

Adding your own music:

You can already add your own tracks by adding a custom soundbank.
Soundbank definitions can be found in "scripts\DynamicMusic\soundBanks"
If you have basic knowledge with Lua tables then I hope it is self explanatory how it works.
Documentation will be added at a later time.

Known limitations:

  • Combat music is possible on a per cell/region basis. Enemy specific combat music will be added at a later time.
  • There are currently no engineHandlers to detect if the game is currently in "combat mode" so the script has to monitor the combat state of every
    active actor separately. This might cause performance impacts if there is a large number of active actors (npcs/creatures) at once
  • There are currently no engineHandlers to detect if the current ambient track has reached the end of the track. The framework uses os.time() to measure playback time. This means that playback time is also counted if the game is ALT TABBED. This might cause one-time abrupt music changes when switching back into the game.