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Get all my combat mods in one place, pre-configured to work together seamlessly. Charge attacks. Timed directional attacks. Dodge "rolls". Etc. (Every component mod is individually toggle-able and configurable via the Script Settings menu.)

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Solthas' Combat Modpack!

Deepen your combat and movement experience with rewarding and punishing stat changes depending on how you're moving when you start your attack, how long you charge it, how you're moving when you release it, and how long you wait before your next attack. Use staves as a spellcaster. Prep stealth attacks as an assassin. Save up your fatigue, and dodge enemy attacks, because they'll hit you harder, and healing is weaker. Use air dashes and swim boosts to improve how you get around the world, but watch your fatigue! Running out at the wrong time can be very painful.

For more in depth information on any component mods, please visit their individual pages.


OpenMW 0.48+. Certain modules are better on OpenMW 0.49+.

This is the final compilation of my input-based stat modifier combat mods for OpenMW 0.48+ Lua. It is what I have been working towards this entire time. Make combat more strategic, by getting buffs depending on what directional attacks you use, how you time your attacks, how long you charge your attacks, and how you are moving when you release them. Dodge "rolls"! Staves for spellcasters! Extra heavy super charged sneak attacks, extra strong for stealth-specialist weapon users.

Every component is individually balanced by tradeoffs, but if you use them right you will be much stronger. So combat as a whole is balanced by "Lose More Health". +100 difficulty too easy for you? Now you can lose more health! Everything too easy for you? Permanently reduce all of your stats by 20%!

Every component mod is individually fully configurable and toggleable. Set them up so that they feel balanced and impactful for you. Decide whether marksman should count for the combat mods or not. I have it default to allow for heavy draw (weighty charge parry), but not directional attacks.

Me! Zindel, Antsan, nuew, koala, danca, and johnnyhostile for design feedback, discussion, and support.