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A MWSE mod that allows any companion to teleport with the player when using Recall/Intervention spells for free or with restrictions/cost for more immersion. New Teleport Menu allows companions to teleport the party themselves as well. Mechanics configurable in the MCM.

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Ever wondered why powerful wizard companions couldn't transport themselves alongside you when you teleport? Or what about when you're an expert yourself, but seemingly powerless to transport a villager in need with you back to town? Or even better, you're an assassin with a mystical inclination. If only you could magically command your quarry to follow you and transport them to your killing room...

This mod allows companions to teleport with the player when using recall/intervention spells from any source, even player made spells and enchantments (as long as the teleport effect is the first effect of the spell/enchantment). A new Teleport Menu allows you to ask your companions to teleport the party instead.

Below are the configurable mechanics of how the mod works:

Teleport Menu: 

You can now ask NPC companions to teleport anyone in your party through the Teleport Menu. Simply talk to them and ask them about teleportation. If the NPC isn't skilled enough to teleport themselves or others, the teleport topic will not appear.

In the menu, choose any amount of party members to teleport. The total cost increases with each target proportional to the base teleport cost reduced by the companion's Mysticism skill. Enchantments and scrolls cannot be used in this menu, only the teleporter's magicka. Can be set not to require skill or magicka. Summoned creatures can be teleported for free if free summons are enabled.

Optionally, NPC companions can be allowed to have their own marks. Each companion has their own individual mark that cannot be accessed by anyone else, and cannot have more than one mark.

Mysticism Skill Requirements

By default, the player needs 75 mysticism skill (modifiable) to transport others with them. The companion needs 50 mysticism skill (modifiable) to transport themselves, and 75 mysticism to transport others. Creatures are considered to have a skill of 0 unless they are daedra, so non-daedra creature companions need a player to transport them. If neither player nor companion have enough skill, a scroll can be used.

This skill check can be turned off to allow the player to transport companions without requiring skill. Also by default, summoned creatures transport with you for free.

Magicka Requirements

By default, each companion transported requires 25 base magicka (modifiable) from the transporter, before being reduced by the transporter's mysticism skill. If a companion tries to transport themselves but is out of magicka, the player will cover the cost if the player meets their mysticism requirement. Only the player will spend their magicka if skill checks are turned off. If neither player nor companion have enough magicka, a scroll can be used.

This magicka requirement can be turned off to allow the player/companion to transport others/themselves for free. Also by default, summoned creatures transport with you for free.

Enchantment Charges

Enchantment support is now here. You can now use additional enchantment casts to transport others before any skill or magicka is required. Once the item runs out of charges, regular skill and magicka checks come into play. Can be turned on/off.


This mod should be compatible with any mod that adds companions as long as they are actively following you.

This mod will only pick up teleportation effects using the same base spell effect IDs as Recall, Almsivi Intervention, and Divine Intervention (as long as these effects are the first effect of the spell). Custom teleportation effects aren't supported, but player made spells using Recall/Intervention spell effects are.

However, if you're using Magicka Expanded's teleportation effects, I included an optional feature to include the town teleportation spells that mod offers. These spells already transport your follower with you, but now you can make them spend magicka/scrolls to do so. (They will still be transported with you even if you don't have enough magicka/scrolls, though.)

The new Teleport Menu is not compatible with Melian's Teleport Mod, and as such is no longer recommended for use with Friendly Intervention.


Companion Health Bars by mesafoo. This mod made me realize companions need more functionality, and that it can be done. Essential for anyone playing with companions if you like them staying alive.

NPC Functionality by Casey Tucker. This mod allows you ask NPCs a ton of immersive questions and one of them allows you to recruit followers if you are popular/strong enough or rank above them in a mutual faction. One of the best immersive ways to recruit followers in my opinion.

Supreme Follower System by WanderRA. This mod allows you to ask any NPC to follow you or wait if you want to skip the requirements of NPC Functionality. However, even if you wouldn't want it for that reason alone, this mod also gives every follower a Companion Share option as well as every NPC a "Take My Place" option which I absolutely adore for getting NPCs out of doorways.  This mod is a godsend for ensuring companions don't get left behind because of their bad pathing due to the warp scripts it introduces as well!


Q: Can you use a scroll or an enchanted item to teleport yourself and still transport others?

A: Yes. Regardless if you are using a vanilla spell, player made spell, vanilla enchantment, player made enchantment, or any scroll with their first effect being Recall or Intervention, you can bring your companions with you. Enchantments are now able to use additional charges to transport party members!