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You like Mark/Recall? Let's be honest, it's far too limited. This is a nice little mod that add extreme versatility to Mark and Recall.

Permissions and credits
Below is pulled directly from the Readme:

  • Unlimited teleport Marks. Cast as many as you want. I've had over 50 current Marks during testing and no problems yet.
  • Leave a Mark anywhere at all, as long as teleporting hasn't been deliberately disabled. That includes interiors, modded areas, TR maps... anywhere.
  • Name your Marks whatever you like, either by typing in a name or choosing from a list. The list is read from a plain text file for easy editing, so if there's a Mark name you'll use a lot you can just add it to the list. You can also just use the cell name as the Mark name if you prefer (this will always appear as the first choice in the menu).
  • Unlimited companion follow, configurable via a no-cost spell: have all your companions always follow automatically when you teleport, or only those currently in follow mode, or none.
  • Summon all followers together or individual followers one at a time with a no-cost spell. This also works anywhere, anytime, unless teleporting is disabled AND the follower is not in the same cell. You can always summon individual followers if they're in the cell with you, even when teleporting is disabled - so you can fish them out of the lava in Akulakhan's Chamber for example - and if teleporting is allowed you can summon them anywhere, regardless of where they (or you) are.
  • Mark and companion lists should never be lost or overwritten, even if you jump around different saves and different characters. Even if those characters have the same name. The only way you can lose a list is by deleting it yourself.

All Credit for this mod goes to Melian.

Please Note, You only need "mel_teleportPlugin_1_3.esp" The other files included are the readme and patchs so that Melian's Teleport Mod will work with other specific mods.