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this mod adds glasses and goggles with an MWSE script that allows them to be worn without hiding your hair or even taking up the helmet slot. (requires onion layers mod)

Permissions and credits

This mod adds cosmetic glasses and goggles that can be worn without hiding your hair or taking up a helmet slot thanks to a script made by the talented Safebox.

you can purchase them from a new npc who works at the outfitter in balmora.

-This mod requires the MWSE Onion layers mod as a framework, which itself requires MWSE, you can get them here: Onion - Layered Headwear and Facial Wear and MGE XE

V2 Update: added a bunch of new Eyewear options

-This mod is doesn't support beast races; khajiit's have 2 very different head shapes so a single model wont fit all sizes, while they might fit one of them, they likely won't fit the other. Argonian's heads are all wildly different in shape so they're off the table.
-This mod also may have clipping if you use a mod for different heads, however you are able to alter the exact positioning of the eyeware by race in the main.lua file, if you wish to create a compatibility file for a specific head mod I can host it here if you like.
-If you use a custom race you can add it to the main.lua file and alter the exact positioning of the models if the default position does not suit.
-This is an MWSE mod so it wont work with openmw

Though I came up with the original idea and made the models myself, none of it would have been possible without Safebox's incredible scripting wizardry, so extra special thanks to him.

Ideas for the future:
-a wares version by Danae.
-an intergrated version that gives glasses to npcs.
-got any suggestions of your own? let me know in the comments.

Special thanks to:
Safebox for his support and making the onion framework
R-zero for his ashgoggles
Kafeid for making the original alchemists lenses
Ivolga for porting Kafeid's models

I have a few other mods in the works that will utilize the onion framework so look forward to a fashionwind mod for headbands, scarves, horns, masks, and maybe cloaks.

All of my mods free for anyone to use as a resource for what ever you want and free for anyone to translate and host on other sites,
as long as you give credit.

If I've made a mistake of some kind, please let me know and I'll do my best to solve it.

you can keep up to date with me and my workings by following me on this terrible website

and if you like you can also join my discord server