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Ability to control magic projectiles and arrows

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This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

There are 6 control modes for magic projectiles. You can switch between them using the buttons assigned in the mod's settings.

Each magic ball you control costs mana. Mana cost multiplier can be customized.

1) Simple target (40% mana cost)
The ball partially changes its trajectory in the direction of your gaze.

2) Smart target (60% manacost)
The ball flies wherever you are looking. It is possible to return the ball by holding down a special mouse button.

3) Teleport (80% manacost)
The ball hits the target instantly

4) Homing (100% manacost)
The ball slowly flies towards the enemy you are looking at or a nearby enemy

5) Simple mine (60% mana cost)
The ball will freeze where you cast it

6) Mine + teleport (100% manacost)
The ball instantly moves to the specified location and freezes there

By pressing the control button together with the left mouse button, you will release all balls under your control.

Control lasts for a limited time, depending on your Intelligence and Willpower. The time multiplier is configurable.

Physical projectiles can also be controlled, but only if the effect of telekinesis is imposed on you. The higher the telekinesis magnitude, the more time you can control the arrow.

Your mage enemies have also gained the ability to cast magic missiles homing at you. The time during which homing lasts depends on the level of the mage (you can adjust the time multiplier or turn it off)