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Increases the height of Red Mountain to almost 1.6 times original height and gives the landscape a more spikey volcanic fantasy look.

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Mountainous Red Mountain (MRM)
(plus spikey Vvardenfell)
(Catch me on Discord)

This mod makes Red Mountain higher, so it's no longer a little hill in distant land, almost to the max of game engine limits. It is roughly 1.6 times higher then before.

It also replaces 4 of the commonly used Red Mountain rock meshes with spikey versions, which drastically alter the appearence of the landscape. These new meshes have the same base footprint, extra trishapes have been added to to base mesh, so the new rock is also about 1.6 times taller then normal, within the base footprint.

Almost every object in the vanilla Red Mountain is in exactly the same place, just higher up. Some areas have had drastic changes to cope with very steep footpaths.

I have run around with a level 1 character all the main paths to ensure they are traversable. Going off those paths, I recommend you know how to levitate/jump.


It's highly recommended that you use Vurts ashlander tree replacer, and Taddeus On the Rocks mods. MRM has been designed with these new meshes. Using vanilla meshes may result in floating meshes and odd results.

The Red Mountain On the Rocks meshes and texture are included in this download. They have been adjusted NOT to have bump maps, as the 4 new replacement meshes don't have them (possible update to add bump to those 4 meshes)

Activate the MRM.esm file, ensuring it loads last after your other esms.

Copy all the meshes across, replacing any meshes you may already have. If you want to keep the bump mapped meshes from original On the Rocks, only replace the following meshes - note, these 4 meshes MUST be replaced regardless.

The four new ghost fence meshes must be replaced. These are longer meshes as the fence is a lot higher now. If you don't, there will be gaps under the fence!
Ex_gg_particles_01.nif is optional, I added an extra emitter and made the original smoke effect last slightly longer now that the fences are higher.

Copy the textures into the root of the textures folder. Included in this folder are the textures I use that are commonly used in red mountain. It's optional if you want to use these textures, as you may have spent many hours getting your game textures to your liking. - Landscape texture - commonly used for footpaths - Landscape texture - Landscape texture - Landscape texture - commonly used for red mountain landscape - used for the rock meshes, supplied with On the Rocks