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Makes the Erabenimsun camp stand out from the rest of the ashlands with some unique rock formations.

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Consider the four Ashlander camps:

  • The Urshilaku are up on a raised slope making them clearly visible from nearly all directions, are near a Daedric ruin, and are a stones throw from the sea.
  • The Zainab can be seen from some distance in the relatively flat Grazelands.
  • The Ahemmusa are between Tel Vos, Vos, Tel Mora and a Daedric ruin, sat at the edge of a little outcrop of land overlooking the sea.
  • The Erabenimsum camp is in a tiny valley, only visible from one direction, miles from any landmark, and so hidden its entirely possible to levitate right over without noticing it.

To fix this problem the Erabenimsum camp is now inside an ancient cooled lava tunnel left over from an eruption of Red Mountain, the valley crowned by sharp rock arches at least somewhat visible from some distance away. Its defensible, unwelcoming, and very fitting for the Erabenimsum way of life, and above all else is so much easier to find.


The landscape has been left entirely untouched, no edits have been made to the camp itself, and only a few new statics and lanterns have been added so it should be compatible with most mods touching the area.
Tested with The Ashlanders by RandomPal and Vegetto without any noticeable problems.
It was made with Vurts Ashland Overhaul in mind so the gaps in the lava tunnel are roughly aligned with the new trees it adds without needing any patches.

Assets Used

Creepy Ashlands Asset Pack ´╗┐by Rytelier for the majority of the new rocks.
OAAB Data for the vine covered menhir arch by MelchiorDarhk.