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This mod makes all mental manipulation effect count as an aggression. Player will be fine if witnessed using one of these effects.

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A MWSE-lua mod by Meta Barj0

MAB0's manipulated is a modular and extensible anti-exploit mod.
Did you not find quite odd that a direct damage spell count as an aggression but a frenzy spell does not?
If your answer is yes, this mod could interest you.

This mod needs the latest version of mwse (2.1), shipped with MGE XE
and is ESP free

What does MAB0's manipulated does?
MAB0's manipulated can make all mental manipulation effects on humanoid count as an aggression. With all default default effects activated, any calm, frenzy, rally, demoralize, command and charm since version 1.1.0 humanoid effect will put a bounty on the player head if witnessed. The player won't be charged though if the targeted NPC was initially in combat (since version 1.1.1)

Translation considerations
MAB0's manipulated is shipped with some tools and in particular, locale tools.
Moreover, there is a file containing localized strings for the mod. As
today, only English and French sentences are written so feel free to add
your own language if you'd like to contribute. MAB0's manipulated will
automatically detect your game language.

Modding considerations
This mod has been designed in a very modular way. One could simply for
instance take this mod and create its own sub module to track other effects beside those in MAB0's manipulated original. You could easily track creature variant of mental manipulation effect
if you wish.

Recommended mods
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MAB0's ingestion : an anti exploit mod allowing the player to be affected by only one alchemical effect at a time
MAB0's unstacked : an anti-exploit mod that prevents spell effect to stack under certain circumstances