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This mod expands and builds up the Suran waterfront to a small port area; it also creates several new transport routes by boat and ship including one location in Tamriel Rebuild.

Permissions and credits
                           Kursan is proud to present 
                               SURAN WATERFRONT

Description:Extended Suran Waterfront. Need a Vacation?
This mod gives you a vacation home in Suran along the new Waterfront for a high rental fee you get the key for a month.
You also find a brewery Pub with special Ales, and a watermill that produces olive Oil of a special sort.
Adds new transportation by ship and boat including to a dock near Pelagiad, and now also to Helnim on mainland Tamriel.
See Changelog for details!
Probably conflicts with other mods that change Suran like "Suran Extended", but many mods like "Suran Archery Range" work quite well with it.  Note however that using this mod with other mods that add buildings to Suran will result in a FPS hit around town.
There is also an ancient Olive grove where you can harvest olives for potions and gather Honey (Illegally)
The Ales and Oil may be "unbalancing" to some but you don't have to use them and still enjoy the mod I hope. There is a limited number of oil to cure corprus on purpose, as the intent is to allow a player to delay the main quest without worry about corprus, but not break the main quest.
V-5.0 is an optional file that adds Palm trees along the waterfront and some beaches; not exactly lore friendly and makes the mod a bit of an FPS hog, so fair warning.
Check out Suran Waterfront featured in Morrowind Modding Showcase Episode 3! Many thanks to Darkelfguy.

I recommend to use NMM via manual download, that is download manually to desktop then use NMM to install from there; or
download manually and extract the files in the folder to the
corresponding files in the Morrowind Data folder.
Cleaned with Enchanted Editor.

Special Note:
I will upload all my mods from "yesteryear" to the Nexus over the next few weeks. All these mods I created as "Thondur" and were previously hosted only on "Planet Elder Scrolls" where they have been sitting for years.
Suran Waterfront was a project that grew over the years and is probably my favorite town on Vvardenfell, so allot of love went into the details of the waterfront and some personal touches; the olive grove with Nisa the Miller is dedicated to my daughter Nisa, and the pub the "Happy Horker" is dedicated to my Dad who had a pub in Germany.
All my mods are also available at Morrowind Modding History, a really great site for Morrowind mods you should check it out!
Please understand that for now the mods are presented "as is" and I do not mod for Morrowind at the moment; in fact it has been so long that I do not
even remember how I did some things I created in these mods. If there are any Bugs they willhave to wait or you have to fix them yourself.
Fair warning. It is my hope to "get back into the game" as it were one of these days as I still care a great deal for this great game. While I mod and play mostly in Skyrim now, Morrowind will always have the strongest emotional connection with me. Exploring it for the first time is an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope that you will enjoy some or all of my mods in your game, Cheers,

CHANGELOG: V 5.0 and 5.1

Some important changes made to the bed script in the "Happy Horker"! This problem was first pointed out by "Lomen" on PES (Thanks) and has been
fixed by "Maura Amalia" without who's help this would have been a hard coconut to crack!
The bug was that because I messed up "in a sloppy way" (yes I admit it) when I created the dialogue for the "Ascadian Brewer" the bed script was changed for all the Publicans in Vanilla Morrowind.

I can't express enough how bad I feel about this and apologize to the community!

This is now fixed and the "Ascadian Brewer" has his own bedscript to rent a single room in the pub, and a seperate script for the vacation home.
Now "renting by the season" really works because the key will be removed from your inventory after a month (in game) and the door locks again, so
it resets just like a regular room rental.
I have not tried yet what that does to things you would store in the vacation home; it should only pertain to the door script, but I can't confirm that yet, so fair warning not to leave something unique without saving first!
MA also fixed the naming of several doors that had been pointed out before, removed two unique quest items from the vacation home, and fixed some
text errors.
I have gotten rid of the "Shady smuggler" that atacked when you first enter the Happy Horker. I thought that "Pink Panter"
routine got a bit old...

As before there is also a version without the Coconut trees, V 5.1 is otherwise identical.

Now the caviat: 5.0 & 5.1 will NOT work with a saved game that used an older version of this mod! You still get the "Get lost" routine in other Pubs if you use this new version with a save, UNLESS, you run NOM 3.0 or higher. In that case the NOM scripts override all the vanilla pub scripts anyway and you can rent rooms everywhere even with an old save.
Also any other mods that add room rental are not affected by this bug even without the use of NOM.

I highly recomend "White Suran II" by "basswalker" and the "White Suran Waterfront" addon to go with this mod; it really gives Suran the feel of
the "Pearl of the Ascadian Isles".
You may have to update the date on the "White Suran Waterfront" since it predates version 5.0. You can do this by making a new save of it in the CS or with an utility such as Wrye Mash.

See read me for a complete list of change logs.