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Mod adding wooden pier and related clutter to Suran's dockside, nearby plaza and Silt Strider port area.

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2.    Description
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Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon

This mod adds:
- wooden pier with a ship and several boats
- wooden platforms leading from docks to the Silt Strider port area
- new statue and street lamps to the nearby plaza
- clutter consisting mainly of crates, baskets and urns to the dockside, plaza and Silt Strider port.
- new NPC at the docks  - Fedura Gilvani - that will transport you by boat to Ebonheart, Vivec, Molog Mar and Tel Bamora.

Use Docks of Suran.esp if you use neither RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats or mods modifying Silt Strider ports.

If you use RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats, use RR comp.esp.

If you use any mod modifying Silt Strider ports, use No ss port.esp.

If you use both these mods, use RR comp + no ss port.esp.

Drag appropiate esp file as well as meshes and texture folders to your Data files folder and merge them.

Delete esp file and all previously added meshes and textures.

So far as I was able to test this mod should be compatible with:

- Children of Morrowind
- MGSO 3.0
- Necessities of Morrowind
- Suran Extended by Princess Stomper
- White Suran

It is NOT compatible with:
- More Detailed Places by MDP Team
- Suran Waterfront by Kursan

There are versions of this mod avaiable that are complatible with:
- Ports Of Vvardenfell by Mick083 or any other mod that changes the Silt Strider ports. (No ss port)
- RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats by Resdayn Revival Team (RR comp)
- Both of these (RR comp + no ss port)

This mod probably won't be compatible with any mod that chanegs Suran dockside or the nearby plaza.

Known Issues or Bugs
No so far.

Thanks to Momo77 for their wonderful Fishery, Basket and Crane resources that were used in this mod.

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the  Construction Set.

Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.

This mod was inspired by Kilcunda's Balmora and Vivec Expansion.


Plans for the future:
- adding a little more detail around the city as a whole