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Makes robbing tombs and barrows harder by adding a chance of summoning a random angry undead/elemental daedra when opening burial containers. A pluginless MWSE solution.

Permissions and credits
Sepulchral Curses

by inpv


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Authors
VI. Credits
VII. Recommended mods

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- MGE XE (with MWSE)

II. Description:

Adds a small chance of invoking an angry ancestral revenant or elemental protector upon opening a burial container (chest, urn and stalhrim vein) in an ancestral tomb or barrow. Each trap can be triggered only once per save - if it wasn't triggered the first time you open the chest/urn/vein, it won't be triggered ever again.

This mod is largely inspired by Disturb the dead by Zappara, though the mechanics are slightly different - I aimed to make it both versatile, immersive and lore-friendly.

Firstly, only non-unique undead from vanilla Morrowind are included:
- Ancestor Ghost
- Bonelord
- Bonewalker
- Greater Bonewalker
- Skeleton
- Skeleton Archer
- Skeleton Warrior
- Skeleton Champion

This means no liches, no draugrs on Solstheim, etc.

Secondly, the revenants are not leveled by default, thus you have a chance of meeting a bonelord or a skeleton champion at level 1.
This was made for the sake of realism and lore consistency. After all, why would the Dunmer who created these magical traps scale their ancestral guardians' power with the one of some unknown filthy grave robbing n`wah?

The formula for safely opening a chest/urn/vein is:
safeOpenChance = basicChance(70-75, randomly generated) + (Luck / 10) + (Agility / 10)

Luck and Agility are included as essential stats to safely rob the crypts and not disturb the dead. With both at 100, the chance of disturbing the dead will be only 10% at worst and 5% at best.

Now includes an MCM option toggle, in case you think you're not ready to take on the undead hordes yet.

As of version 1.3, adds a configurable option to be able to encounter Frost Atronachs in Solstheim barrows, as well as a more immersive way to mine stalhrim with equipped pick only (also configurable in MCM for better compatibility with mining overhauls).

The new 2.0 version introduces easy mode with leveled creatures, toggle for environmental messages, vanilla locks and traps detection (no spawns if the player has the appropriate key or if the container is already trapped), configurable basicChance values, as well as integration with Necrocraft and Smart Companions mods.

III. Compatibility:

Requires latest MWSE 2.1+, hence not yet compatible with OpenMW.
Supports Tamriel Rebuilt tombs out of the box, as well as most mod-added tombs/barrows and their overhauls.
Compatible with abot's Smart Companions.
Compatible with VitruvianGuar's Necrocraft (be sure to exclude the nc_ashpit containers in GH's MCM if using Graphic Herbalism though)

IV. Installation and Removal:

Use Wrye Mash to install, or unpack/remove the contents of the archive into/from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

V. Authors:

inpv - scripting

VI. Credits:

Zappara for the original mod
MMC luamancers for scripting help

VII. Recommended mods:

Morrowind Containers Animated - greatly enhances looting experience
Sophisticated Save System - your saving grace
Smart Companions - leave the looting to someone more lucky and/or agile
Necrocraft - the ultimate necromancer experience
Urnest Loot - adds balanced loot to urns
MUSE Music Expansion - Tomb - for greater atmosphere