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This mod adds open/close animation to containers

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                                                 MW Containers Animated v1.2.1

   This mod adds open/close animation to all containers that should have animation. Meshes are by Phaedrus and Arcimaestro Anteres, based on Bethesda's meshes.
   For the mod to work properly you need to download Morrowind Code Patch and enable "animated containers crash fix" and "mod removal fixes" in bug fixes category. If you are using Graphics and Sound Overhaul you should copy morrowind.exe and "Morrowind Code Patch.exe" to another folder before you use Code patch.
   Containers stay open after you activate them so you can see if you opened them before. To close them you have to activate them again.
   There is a couple of console commands that you can use to configure the mod:
"set ac_autoclose to 1" Containers will not stay open. 
"set ac_autoclose to 0" Restores default setting.
"set ac_skipanim to 1" Animation will be skipped if you open containers while sneaking. 
"set ac_skipanim to 0" Restores default setting.
   If you wanna see all animated containers in one room type in the console 'coc "mournhold temple"".
   This mod modifies kollops so it will conflict with herbalism mods. And it definitely will conflict with lock bash mods. If you wanna use this mod with a lock bash mod download Linora's Locking Bashing Mod.
   If you leave guild supply chests open they will close when their contents respawn. Opened kollops will close when you enter the cell again.
   You can include this mod in your mod if you want. And I think guys who made animated models won't mind it too.
   To add animation to containers from other mods use animated containers expansion generator

   Updating the mod:

1. Backup your savegames in case something goes wrong.
2. Copy latest version of the mod to your Morrowind/data files folder overwriting old files.
3. Download Morrowind Code Patch and enable "animated containers crash fix" and "mod removal fixes" in bug fixes category.
4. Ignore error messages when loading your savegame.

   Uninstalling the mod:

If you have the latest version of the mod installed, just remove it using your mod manager or run "uninstall MW Containers Animated.bat" that comes with the mod. If you have an older version, install the latest version of the mod ( don't forget MCP settings ) and save your game with it before removing the mod.

v 0.9
         First release.
v 1.0
         Added crates, barrels, sacks.
          Animation speed is faster (not for dwemer objects since they are heavy, rusty).
          New scripts.
v 1.1
         New scripts.
v 1.2
         Scripts are free of crash workarounds.
         Fixed empty chests.
         7 new animated meshes.
        Added animation to containers that had scripts.
        Added sounds.
        Added skipping animation and auto closing.
        Unique model (anim_daedric_chest.nif) for floating chest in Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia.

v 1.2.1
         Fixed: pearls in kollops did not respawn.