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This mod adds open/close animation to containers

Permissions and credits
                                                 MW Containers Animated v2.10
Morrowind Code Patch
Morrowind Graphic Extender XE
Latest version of MWSE

This mod adds open and close animation to all containers that should have animation. Containers from other mods will be animated too, if they use vanilla models.

Containers stay open after you activate them, so you can see if you opened them before. To close them you have to activate them again.

If you leave guild supply chests open, they will close when their contents respawn. 

If you are using OpenMW, download this instead. 


For the mod to work properly you need to download Morrowind Code Patch  and enable "animated containers crash fix" and "mod removal fixes" in the bug fixes category.

Download and install MGE XE . If you installed MGE XE manually, then you have to download and install latest version of MWSE.

If you are using latest version of this mod you don't need ACEG  or 'AC optimized' or any compatibility patches. Any patches you can find for this mod were made for v1.0 and will break v2.0.

   Updating the mod
If you install version 2.0x overwriting version 1.x, you will get error messages when starting the game. Just ignore them.

    Compatibility with other mods
Will conflict with mods that replace container meshes.
This mod adds animation to kollops, so it may conflict with old graphic herbalism mods. However, it's compatible with this one. And you should not use any other graphic herbalism mod anyway.
Here is version of the mod compatible with Quickloot. I did not write or test it so I won't be able to help if it does not work.

Using your own animated containers with this mod

You can use this mod's "interop" file to make your own animated containers work with this mod. Your lua code should look like this:

local mwca = include("MWCA.interop");
if mwca then
mwca["o\\contain_crate_01.nif"] = {"MyMod\\MyAnimMesh.nif", 1, 2, 0.5, 0.5, "MyOpenSound", "MyCLoseSound", 0.5};

The key used to store your container data in the interop table is the path from "Data Files\meshes" to the mesh your container replaces. You don't need to edit any objects that use this mesh in the CS.  
The 1st element of the table you are storing is the path from "Data Files\meshes" to your animated mesh. If your container does not replace any meshes then this path has to also be the key. The 2nd element is open animation group. The 3rd element is close animation group. The 4th element is open animation time in seconds. The 5th element is close animation time in seconds. The 6th element is ID from CS for the sound you want to play when player opens your container. The 7th element is ID from CS for the sound you want to play when player closes your container. The 8th element is the distance used to check for items on top of your container. Items within that distance will be disabled when the animation plays. The unit of measurement is your container's height. If you do not need to check for items on top of your container then set the last element to 0;

Thanks to Phaedrus, Arcimaestro Anteres and Stuporstar for animated meshes.
Thanks to NullCascade for MWSE v2.1.