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Edits, re-filters, or adds on to vanilla dialogue to add more situational nuance - tavern owners will no longer talk about themselves in third person, Ashlanders will no longer curse vampires in the name of Almsivi, slave owners won't talk lovingly about abolitionists, and thieves will be less blase about incriminating themselves to strangers.

Permissions and credits
LDM - Context Matters

This mod is an attempt to fix one of the largest issues with Morrowind's dialogue: because the developers didn't have years to sit there and write dialogue to cover every possible scenario, there are places in the vanilla game where NPCs will talk about themselves in third person, casually incriminate themselves, swear by gods they don't believe in, or give replies completely unfitting for their status in life - uneducated paupers shouldn't give the same replies as savants!

Context Matters attempts to improve this situation by editing filters or adding new lines of dialogue more in keeping with the NPC's faith, class, race, faction, physical location, as well as quest completion status.

The mod is perfectly useable as is, but because of the scale of the game should be considered as-yet incomplete and very likely to be updated in the future as I find more jarring dialogue. As such, I will very happily take suggestions - contact me in the comments, in PM, or on Discord.

NEW IN 1.4:
LDM - Ashlanders now included: Yakum Hairshashishi will no longer flip between normal speech and broken ashlander speech. Ashlander scouts will no longer talk as though they're not Ashlanders themselves. Nibani Maesa will now react to you having Corprus. Zainab miners now have some unique greetings.

Several minor tweaks to little advice, Pelagiad greetings, Gnisis greetings, my trade. Filter fix for specific place in Ebonheart. Some new Ashlander-style responses to disease topics for wise women. Added no-lore filters to vampire topics.

NEW IN 1.3:
Edited versions of FMI - Ingredient Locations, FMI - Disease Descriptions, and FMI - Misc dialogue consistency changes have been merged in (gameplay and creature tweaks ARE NOT included). Thank you, PoodleSandwich!
Disease Descriptions - the most extensive changes in 1.3. On top of FMI's consistency changes, which removed references to creatures which don't carry disease in vanilla, I have added more personality to disease descriptions. There are four NPCs who talk about diseases in vanilla; two are professional healers, one is a well-traveled pilgrim, and one is a former Ashlander wise woman who now lives in Vos. Their new lines reflect their differing training, perspectives, and personalities.

Abolitionists - Plantation owners now have disapproving responses when asked about abolitionists. Originally from LDM - Abolitionists

Ashlanders - Now no longer curse vampires in the name of Almsivi. Wise Women now have extra dialogue about vampires. Ashlander scouts will no longer talk as though they're not Ashlanders. 

Balmora - Extra class and faction based responses to the 'Balmora', 'Bacola Closcius', and 'South Wall' topics. Better 'little advice' filtering. If you haven't started the main quest (eg if you're using an alternate start mod), asking about Caius Cosades at the South Wall will no longer trigger the main quest journal entries unless you have the Package for Caius in your inventory..

Crassius Curio - This mod is now included in Context Matters. Crassius Curio now has a variety of flirtatious voice lines if the player is naked. 

Gnisis - Adds class/race/faction/quest responses to a number of topics, including greetings, 'Gnisis', 'Hetman Abelmawia', 'Widow Vabdas', 'Optio Bologra'.

Ebonheart - Agning will no longer talk about himself in third person.

Khuul - Location-based dialogue tweaks: NPCs in Thongar's Tradehouse will no longer respond as though they're standing on the docks instead.

my trade - Odral Helvi will no longer tell you that he's a monk trained in Khajiiti martial arts, because that makes no sense. He now informs you that he oversees House Hlaalu's affairs in Caldera instead.

Seyda Neen - Eldafire will now be less ungrateful if you clear out Addamasartus. Asking Elone the Scout about Balmora will no longer trigger a main-quest journal update if you haven't already started the main quest (eg if you're using an alternate start mod). Some little advice responses which previously were filtered to occur in Seyda Neen but were never seen because no NPCs of the appropriate class exist there will now trigger elsewhere as well.

Telvanni - Adds extra variety to vampire greetings.

Thieves - Refilters the little advice topic for thieves, so that they save their most incriminating advice for fellow members of the Thieves Guild. Dialogue in Balmora which previously directed the player to seek out the Thieves Guild regardless of identity will now only be given to players with a bounty.

Vampires - Context Matters includes LDM - Vampire Talk, adding more variety to vampire greetings for Telvanni, Ashlanders, necromancers, and some individual NPCs, and other vampirism related topics are expanded on or tweaked as well. 





- Any mods that change the sleeperScript (except Patch for Purists) should load LATER THAN Context Matters. You'll lose the context sensitive nolore changes from Context Matters in this scenario.
- Any mods that change karrodScript should load LATER THAN Context Matters. You'll lose the nolore addition to his script, which means one or two dialogue responses may not be entirely in character.

Gavrilo93 - for Skink's Solution, which is included in this mod.
PoodleSandwich for his FMI - Disease Description, FMI - Misc, and FMI - Ingredients Locations which are partially included in this mod, as well as a number of suggestions
Qualia - Sleeper script changes, a number of suggestions and bug reports
Half11 - for developing PfP, which this mod is based on, and many suggestions and bug reports
Knef - suggestions and bug reports
Lucas92 - suggestions and bug reports
sade1212 - bug fix for a script bug in Eldafire's little advice response
spockthewok - suggestions and bug reports
praisejebus732 - suggestions and bug reports