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The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) is my attempt to bring the Vivec palace closer the original Kirkbride's concept art.

The palace is now back to be worthy of God.

Permissions and credits

The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) is my attempt to bring the Vivec palace closer to the original Kirkbride's concept art.
The palace is now back to be worthy of God.


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits and permissions
VI. Suggested mods

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon

II. Description

In the original concept arts is reported:

-Dome is on fire and the fire is green
-The eight planets (and their moons) revolve around the sun dome
-The planets and moons are made of bronze, glass, and opal
-The planets are obvious constructs, not like the Prison Moon

In my attempt, I tried to stay closer as I could to the above.

The mods come in 2 main versions + 2 optional versions.

-Version 1:Planets rotating on the dome, one single majestic glowing fire on top made by the N'Wahs & mushrooms team. (Minimal FPS drops)
-Version 2:Planets rotating on the dome, many fires burning with an added glow. (Highest FPS drop)
-Optional only glow version: Planets rotating on the dome, no fires, only a glow around the dome. (some FPS drop)
-Optional only planets version: Planets rotating on the dome no fires, no glows. (no FPS drop)

Added a new optional esp, which adds the fountain-bridge at the palace entrance as in the original concept art.
Added a new optional esp, which adds Daedric engravings on the palace columns as in the original concept art.
The columns now report the writings: Almsivi - Pray - Almsivi - Obey - Almsivi.
The files are on separates download and they can be used with or without the original mod and independently from each other.
It is fully compatible with anything that does not alter the Vivec palace exteriors columns or bridge.

Version 1.2 features:
-Added a new main version with a single flame.
-Rotation of planets is slowed down for a more divine effect. 
-Added textures and reworked halo to planets.
-Reorganized the mod structure.

See pictures and videos for getting an idea of the different flavors.

NOTE: the video is made with using my own modded Morrowind and therefore not all that you see there comes within this mod; this mod adds "ONLY" the fires, the fire glows and the planets on Vivec's palace dome.

III. Compatibility

This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't affect the Vivec Palace external structure.
I tested it on Vanilla Morrowind and on a Rebirth based gamed and worked correctly on both.
It is compatible with dramatic Vivec, Versus Vivec, and Illuminated Palace of Vivec.
Version 2 is compatible with OpenMW and the Optional versions too.
Version 1 is at the moment not supported by OpenMW.

This mod cannot be installed with Mod organizer, please install manually.
See below for instructions.

IV. Installation and Removal

In the compressed archives, you will find 2 folders, one for each version, + 2 other versions in the "optionals" file folder.
Pick the version you like and copy the content of the version folder you prefer into your Morrowind\Data Files

Please see the pictures and the video to see the different versions.
I suggest looking at the video to see the animated effects.

The version can be exchanged without problems, simply overwrite the previous files with the new version.

To remove simply delete the copied files.

There are 2 optional downloads for the columns engravings and the bridge-fountain for maximum modularity.

ATTENTION Even if this mod should not harm in any way your Morrowind installation, do always have a backup for safety. I cannot be held responsible for your Morrowind installation.

V. Credits
This mod would have never been possible without the work of the Resdayn Revival Team and their Ghostgate Fortress. Everything you see in this mod comes from their mod. I simply tweaked their meshes to meet my needs and edited some alpha channels. All the credits go to them and their awesome work in their mod. (

The planets textures and the holy fire is all work of the N'Wahs & mushrooms team to which all main credits goes:

The fire texture in the 2nd version is a modification made by me of the original blue fire in Tribunal expansion for which all credits go to Bethesda.
The engravings add-on textures are made by me as well as the mesh, for the exception of part of the bridge fountain for which all credits goes to the original author of dramatic Vivec LondonRook.

The palace idea and concept art belongs to Michael Kirkbride.

Make sure to credit the Resdayn Revival Team if you want to use or modify their planets or glow.
Make sure to credit the N'Wahs & mushrooms team (Koxae,zaebok_kun, Axemagister) if you want to use or modify their planets textures or glow.

I own nothing on this mod except the time I invested in it (a lot) to put all of it together and few textures, therefore, I cannot forbid you to work on it but I would be grateful if you would like to let me know or involve me in your project. (or why not contribute to this one).

VI. Suggested mods
I suggest to use this mod together with mine:

Dramatic Vivec:
Illuminated palace of Vivec:
Passage of prayers:
My special shop and quest mod The Sanctuary: Https://
My Rebirth mod (if you are a Rebirth user): RRghostgate for Rebirth:
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