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Introduces five new quests to investigate the Order of the Black Worm's presence in Vvardenfell.

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God of Worms

Have you ever wondered where Mannimarco was between the events of Daggerfall and Morrowind? Or how he even returned after achieving godhood during the Warp in the West? This mod seeks to provide an answer to these two questions through a series of new quests.

In 2019 I collaborated with Tel Shadow to create King of Worms. I think it is decent, but I wanted to expand upon it as I felt it was a bit short, and that there was more I could do with it. This mod replaces the original quest, adds four more, several new assets, and fixes a couple of bugs that mod had.

Features - Begin by speaking with a Mages Guild master when you are the warlock rank or level twenty (and in the guild).

  • A new artifact.
  • Five new quests.
  • An overhauled Savel Ancestral Tomb.
  • A story that bridges two games together.


Incompatible with Morrowind Rebirth.
Compatible with pretty much everything else.

I hope you enjoy this nifty mod,
- Caeris.