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This mod adds a portable tent home to the game, which the player can find hidden in Tukushapal, Sepulcher. Speak with Ennbjof, a Nord located somewhere in the Telvanni canton of Vivec, for more information.

Permissions and credits
** Features **

** Portable & Wearable: Carry the tent with you wherever you go! Set it up to enter your new home. Exit and find yourself back where you made camp. Equip the "Rover's Seabag" and carry it all in a lightweight and stylish package!

Open Morrowind users: Portable Home Override greatly expands the compatibility of this home with landmass additions like Tamriel Rebuilt.

Strongly recommended!


** Customizable Appearance: The mod is packaged with a variety of alternative textures for the floor, entry flaps, and the sides of the tent.

The "Rover's Seabag" will have textures matching your selection for the sides of the tent.


** Variable lighting: The tent is darker inside at night, and brighter in the daytime!


** Alchemy Sorter: This sorter will sort Morrowind and/or Tribunal and Bloodmoon ingredients.


** The Alchemy Desorter(s): There is a tray with several scrolls in the tent, which act as a convenient way to draw out any and all Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon ingredients used to make the following potions:

-- Restore Health

-- Restore Fatigue

-- Cure Common Disease

-- Restore Magicka

-- Feather

-- Levitation

-- Water Breathing

-- Fire shield

-- Fortify Strength

-- Invisibility

The scripts take into account your Alchemy skill.


** Scripted Teleportation: There is a handy ring located in the tent which will allow teleportation back to the tent from your current location. Of course, the tent has to be set up in order to teleport back into it!


** Music Player: Included is a special "Ditty box", based on a script from "Music Boxes v.3" by Xiamara, based on the version of the script found in "Ashlander Tent DX" by Gaius Atrius.

Included with the mod is a set of small music files, provided with Xiamara's original mod, for testing purposes. These are to be replaced with the .mp3 files of your choosing.

The music box, being a working container, is a permanent fixture of the tent.

To add your own music, simply rename your .mp3 files to the same file names as the provided
music files, and put them in the 'DAT_SRT' folder, instead of the originals.


** Expanded Storage: There is a "Chest of Holding" found inside the tent with ample room for a wide variety of items.