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Remake of the classic "Ashlander Tent DX" mod, which added a portable nomadic dwelling.

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~~~Ye Olde Ashlander Tent - On the Move edition~~~

Have yourself your very own (portable) nomadic yurt! Look for Vytrix in Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse to buy it & hear his story. Please note that this version is not really faithful to the original, a lot of content was cut out.

What's new:

Things which were deliberately removed:

- Quest line and all associated objects/NPCs
- Void yurt (expansion for the tent)
- Weapons (too overpowered, IMO)
- Fast travel system

Things added:

- Improved core scripts, increased the area where you can safely use tent by a large amount (at least twice).
- Made the tent look more lived-in and cozy.
- Added sounds to all containers.
- Added lots of other stuff – interactive elements, containers, things to look at, navigational devices, construction tools to build custom camp, Vvardenfell map, spellmaking and enchanting kits, trash basket, etc.
- Addon for Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul (lets you hear sounds of rain and storm while inside. In clear weather you'll still hear sounds of wind).
- Addon for Tamriel Rebuilt (faster loading times, better stability while on Mainland).

Things still lacking:

- No companion support.
- No support for areas which you basically can’t see on in-game map (Strik, SHOTN, Lyithdonea, etc.)

Special features:

Music box – lets you play mp3 files of your choosing. I’ve made a pack containing mp3 files which I felt were interesting – this is an optional download at Nexus, not included into the main archive.

Travel map of Vvardenfell – helpful for newbies and even some vets, actually. Also shows important landmarks. Activate it to see details.

Ingredient Storage – Activate the larger urn to store all vanilla ingredients in it. Wait a bit so the script will do its work.

Alchemical transmutator - serves as a de-sorter, fetching ingredients from your storage for brewing specific potions. It takes into account your alchemy skill.

Bandages – for quick healing at low levels. It will patch you up for 5 hp every time you use it. I’ve intentionally made the effect very weak to prevent abuse. It isn’t supposed to restore all your health bar.

Explorer’s Journal – Activate magnifying glass, then journal to buy additional items for your tent:

a)    Mannequin – for convenient display of your armor, comes both in male and female variant.
Note: OpenMW doesn’t support mannequins, so please don’t buy them if you play it.
b)    Spellweaver’s manual – create your spells without intermediaries (requires 60 INT to use).
c)    Enchanting kit – the same, but for enchanting (requires 70 INT to use).
d)    Talisman of homecoming – teleport back home at will.

Barabus’ clock – I’m sure you will love this magnificent artefact, just like I do. It’s in the chest near the mannequin.

MAO addon - you can hear the subdued sounds of rain, or a blizzard, or an ashstorm while in the tent. If you don't use Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul (which I highly recommend), I suggest Kirel's Interior Weather instead.

Four additional texture replacers to change the look of the tent. These won’t change anything else in the game, and can be easily swapped.

Construction tools – build your own camp, complete with campfire, barricades, fishing traps and other features. Consult readme for instructions.

Wastebasket – for instant garbage disposal. Be careful not to place any important items there!

Navigational instruments – compass and magical “DweNav” trinket. Immerse yourself in the world of Morrowind and say “good-bye” to the in-game map! (Map not disabled, to clarify. But you can switch it off :).

Compatibility & Technical issues:

  • The tent stops working in areas which are located roughly near the edge of extended map. This means that mods like Stirk, SHOTN and Lyithdonea are not supported. Users of OpenMW can use tent everywhere (though I’m getting conflicting reports on this). The included MWSE addon by Bjam fixes the problem, but introduces another, so it’s not recommended.
  • Compatible with any version (including NoM SO by Abot) of Necessities of Morrowind - use "On the move_nom.esp".
  • Your tent may look differently from mine depending on the replacers you use.
  • Incompatible with any other versions of “Ashlander Tent”.
  • If playing with NoM, I highly recommend to choose the option “fires don’t hurt” at NoM setup, otherwise you may be annoyed by being constantly hit by flames inside your tent.
  • Mannequins and compass don’t work in OpenMW, so just ignore them (don’t buy mannequin).
  • Companions can’t enter the tent. As a workaround, I suggest using mods that let you summon companions to your current location with a spell, like Mellian'sTeleport Mod.
  • If you’re using Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul, the music played from music box may be randomly interrupted.

For detailed info, please consult the readme.


Version 1.1

- Complimentary feature: alchemical transmutator now serves as a de-sorter for vanilla alchemical ingredients which you have put in the storage. Manually selecting ingredients for potions is not fun anymore (if it ever was), so this has a potential to remove some annoyance from your game. I took the scripts from Yet Another Portable Housing Mod (YAPHM) by Tizzo and modified them a bit.
- Modified scripts to enable functionality of explorer’s journal, spellmaking and enchanting kits for OpenMW.
- Changed sounds for scrollcase.
- It was too bright inside, so I toned down lighting.
- Carrying so much redware dishes is not practical for a travelling hero, so I replaced some of it with other items.
- Fixed a few mistakes in dialogues.
- I forgot to mention Acheron in credits! Shame on me – he is the author of camping gear mod.
- Added missing compass .nifs and textures.
- Reorganized folders to hopefully make installation easier for newbies. Included old editions of the mod.

Version 1

- Made tweaks to the original tent teleportation scripts - now you can safely use the tent in area twice as large as before (roughly to the extent of expanded (by MW Code patch option) map).
- Made an addon for Tamriel Rebuilt to speed up loading times and prevent possible crashes while on Mainland. This addon will work for any future TR
update, and any mods which occupy the same area. TR Preview area ("TR Alpha") doesn't benefit from this, but still supported by main mod (though caution is advised if you place the tent closer to outer edge).
- You can buy additional items for your tent after consulting with “Thoughts and Ideas” section of your journal. These items are: mannequins of both “sexes”, enchanting and spellmaking kits, and talisman of homecoming.
- You can now build up your own camp with provided construction tools, lots of options here. (Scripts by Acheron, Dracus and Pikko, models by LondonRook and Momo.)
- PikachunoTM graciously optimized the model for explorer’s journal, which was probably the main source of performance issues for OpenMW users.
- Added compass (Nigedo & SirLuthor)
- Added magical “DweNav” trinket. It informs you of your position in game world. (Shiva7663)
- Removed unintended edits to windows in Seyda Neen exterior.
- Fixed armor stand – it is easier to use now.
- Revamped sorter for alchemical ingredients. (Tizzo)
- More storage options.
- More clutter, many little tweaks.
- Fixed lighting – it feels natural now.
- Fixed more mistakes in Vytrix’s dialogue.
- Added wastebasket which immediately destroys any number of deposited items when you want it (Reznod, Phaedra).
- Replaced bonemold bow with regular longbow. It was the last of OP items from original version. All those items are still in the mod though –
just not placed, so you can add them via console or in editor (don’t forget to clean the mod after that).
- Reduced the number of alternative .esps while still giving the same options.
- Reduced the price of the tent down to 4000 septims.
- Butchered the readme for better “readability”. It is still too damn long though, but at least I’ve cut the “fat”.
- Last minute fix – removed “Autocalc” flag from bandage spell, which added it to NPC spell lists. I am embarrassed that this serious bug
persisted for such a long time. Major thanks to Obscen3 for spotting it!

Version 0.99

- Made a version for OpenMW (no mannequin, no day/night lighting script).
- Included alternative tent textures by Texture Freak. You can easily swap them and revert back to Vanilla without any fiddling. Existing Ashlander camps are not affected.
- Added interesting armor stand which serves as a container. Point at shield part to access (wasn’t able to make it easier to use).
- Added great Vvardenfell map by Mike Wagner (at least he was the original artist, the variant I’ve used might be somebody else’s work). Activate it to see a diagram of travel routes and landmarks made by ManaUser (from Map Deluxe mod).
- Lots of tweaking and resizing. Added more clutter and containers, some new models, replaced other things. I generally tried to give the tent exploration theme.

Version 0.98

- A couple of more custom objects, new fancy container for weapons.
- Made addon for use with Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul, to add interior weather sounds to the tent. You can probably use it with previous versions of the mod.
- The size of interior is back to original. Interior/exterior ratio is still not 1:1, though (and I am not going to shrink it any further).
- Removed all edits in Seyda Neen exterior. I left two small details which I thought were really fitting.
- Vytrix (the tent-seller) was relocated to Arrille’s Tradehouse. I’ve carefully checked his dialogue and fixed some grammatical mistakes. He now unceremoniously disappears right after you’ve finished talking to him – I thought that using a global variable for disabling a single NPC was too wasteful, and I don’t want to use journal.
- Readjusted and resized everything inside the tent to fit new interior size.

Version 0.97

- Written more lines for Vytrix, cleaned dialogue with Enchanted Editor. You are now properly charged for buying the tent, instead of receiving it for free.
- Made version with female mannequin. You can no longer pick a mannequin up (because there is no use in relocating it, as there is not enough space).
- Re-textured music box and a table.
- Some minor rearrangements, tweaked lighting.

Version 0.96

Cleaned the file with TesTool (yup, totally forgot about that. Remember, folks, always CLEAN the mods you're playing with).

Version 0.95 - Initial release

Have fun with it!