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Calling on the gods to save you from your own mistakes should be a last resort. Intervention now drops your stuff at the cast point, requiring you to either cut your losses or return to danger to retrieve it. Requires MWSE-lua. Optional esp that adds dialogue integration and supporting clutter to Temples and Cult Shrines.

Permissions and credits
Naked and Alone
by Petethegoat and Lucevar

In vanilla, the gods are very generous. Not only will they rescue you from almost any danger, but they'll bring your stuff along for the ride as well. No matter if you're looting an ancestral tomb, robbing the deserving citizens of Morrowind blind, or a heroic crusader who found themself in danger defending others - they'll save the lot, and let the honourless s'wits profit.

No more!

Now Intervention has a cost - you'll be saved, but not your things. You'll have to travel back to the point where the spell was cast to retrieve your belongings, making Intervention far less appealing to those looking to transport their loot. Meanwhile, honest travellers who find themselves in sudden danger may rest and recover at Temple and Cult shrines, and are shielded from the indignity of walking home naked by the generosity of the faithful, who have donated basic goods and clothing to help you back on your feet.

- Divine and Almsivi Intervention now drop the contents of your inventory at the cast point. You will arrive at your destination naked and penniless - but alive. Regain your strength and venture back into danger to retrieve them.
- Temples and Cult Shrines now have small donation areas, where generous citizens of Tamriel have donated clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous goods to help unfortunate travellers.
- The donation point at Gnisis is the most generous, due to all the pilgrim traffic. A new priestess is stationed there, and she has a little unique dialogue about the new intervention mechanics.
- Vanilla dialogue encouraging the player to abuse Intervention to loot has been changed to warn against doing that instead.

- Latest version of MWSE-lua

Recommended Mods
Religions Elaborated by Caeris - Adds missing Intervention markers, adds healers, disallows membership in both the Temple and the Imperial Cult.
Limited Intervention by Merlord - makes the gods even LESS generous. Now they'll only rescue members of their own faith - although scrolls and enchantments will still work.
Intervention Improved by Hollajiith - Also adds the missing temple markers, moves markers indoors so fewer people will witness your nakedness
Timely Escape by JaceyS - When you die, instead of reloading and facing no penalties, you're hit with an attribute penalty and saved by Divine or Almsivi intervention (configurable). When used with Naked & Alone, this means you're safe... but without any belongings.  
Cover Yourself by Merzasphor - Allows you to configure which clothing and armor slots are included in the PC Clothing Modifier check. By default, amulets and rings are now blacklisted.

The optional .esp may be incompatible with anything that dramatically changes the interiors of Temple and Cult shrines. 

Confirmed compatible:
Zobator's Gnisis Expanded Remaster
Leyawynn's Temples with Shrines

Petethegoat - coding
Lucevar - dialogue and clutter