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Remastered version of Craigor's Gnisis Expanded

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The original Gnisis Expanded mod by Craigor was released back in 2008 and added some very nice things to the rather dull town of Gnisis. Fort Darius was vastly improved, NPC's were added all over town and he even added some new quests.
Some of the additions and changes I didn't like so I made a remastered version.

What this remaster does compared to the original version:
-Cleaned the mod (it had lots of dirty references)
-Removed the unfinished haunted manor on the other side of the Samsi river, the new huts, docks and shacks on the Vabdas family lands and the unearthed cave.
-Removed all landscape edits.
-Removed all changes to the vanilla imperial legion quests.
-Expanded/Improved the new misc quests. Like in the original mod you can buy a house, but with improved implementation.
-Improved the exterior of Fort Darius. Fixed texture seams in the prison tower and some inconsistent door orientations, realigned the new rope bridge, ...
-Improved some interiors. No more orange voids in the prison tower.
-Replaced the weird wall without collision with the hidden door already available ingame.
-Added text to the empty temple log, the tax ledger and mining administration.

Apart from personal preference and polishing, these changes are also intended to improve compatibility (you might see this as a Lite version)
For example, grass mods should be more compatible since all landscape edits are removed.
Also mods like Gnisis Docks by Gavrilo93 ( should be completely compatible now.

I attempted to contact Craigor with every possible means if he'd allow me to release this revision of his work. Unfortunately, I was unable to get in touch. Since it has been more than 10 years since the release and no sign of Craigor returning I took the liberty to publish this mod.