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Added: 07/09/2014 - 05:56AM
Updated: 20/02/2016 - 08:39AM

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Last updated at 8:39, 20 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 5:56, 7 Sep 2014

- Adds missing Temple markers at Suran, Vos, Maar Gan and Ghostgate.
- Adds shrines to temples at Suran, Molag Mar and Vos Chapel.
- Removes the Tribunal shrine at Fort Darius in Gnisis and moves it inside Gnisis Temple.
- When you cast Intervention, now you move infront of Altars instead of winding in front of Temple or Fort.
- Added a version which teleports you to Ghostagate when casting ALMSIVI Intervention inside Ghostfence even if Maar Gan or Ald-ruhn temples are nearer.
- Added a spell which teleports you to nearest Mages Guild.

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