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An overhaul of the Morrowind interface inspired by SkyUI. Standalone OpenMW executable based on the latest nightly.

Permissions and credits
MorroUI - UI Overhaul 


Latest Downloads will be hosted on Gitlab from now on. 

STATUS: Updated to 0.48, available for linux and windows users from link below. Soul gem, onactivate with quickloot, and spell window issues should be resolved. 

OpenMW saves in general are only forward compatible. Meaning, if you save a game in MorroUI it will likely no longer load in an older version.



This is not a mod in the traditional sense, rather a fork of the OpenMW engine that I worked on over the last couple weeks for myself that I decided to publish here. It aims to turn the UI into something more list-based and traditional. The icon-based inventory unique to Morrowind is pretty cumbersome, and it gets worse the moment you start hoarding, which is instantly. Here are the major features this mod offers.

  • list based interface for all item views 
  • sort by columns, press the column header again to toggle the order (see pictures for categories)
  • ghetto stolen indicator (what items without count that will be confiscated from you) 
  • bound, equipped, and magic item icon indicators
  • gold, encumbrance, and armor indicators in a single row
  • overhaul of filter views, no longer are they utter nonsense (see pictures for categories)
  • [SHIFT/CTRL]-click items to transfer items from containers to inventory (sadly no Take-All keyboard shortcut yet) 


The following steps assume you have already installed OpenMW and set up the Morrowind data paths. 

  • Extract the main download and extract to a folder anywhere you like.

  • Open openmw-launcher.exe  from within the extracted folder and activate morroUI.omwaddon in the plugins list.

  •  Launch openmw.exe in the extracted folder, and hope that everything works  


  • ElSopa, for giving me permission to use their (modified) icons from this mod here ❤️ Make sure to check out their other awesome mods!
    Permission was given for me to upload on Nexus, you do not have permission to redistribute these icons anywhere, including Nexus without the explicit permission of the mod author
  • OpenMW, for having a license that permits this!
  • Bonnie Tyler, for getting me to not be so lazy during a global pandemic and quarantine and do something fun
  • BUULU, for testing it out and saying it's amazing
  • Anumaril21, PhDinSorcery, Flash3113, for Tooltips Complete mod. Thanks to them you have amazing descriptions for your items!
  • RedFurryDemon, for their awesome icons, thanks to them you have beautiful spell category icons! 

Source Code 

The source code is hosted on my github. If you're interested. Check it out here. 

Special thanks to all members of the OpenMW dev team for working so hard to bring us this awesome engine