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Merchant skills increases with the player level.

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Harder Merchants is a simple, but effective mod, that forces merchant's mercantile skill to grow as the player increases in level; removing the static nature of their stat, and thus making it much more of a challenge when bartering with them. Used in conjunction with Harder Barter player's can expect to have a more difficult time trying to buy/sell their ill-gotten goods; severely decreasing the chances of "get rich, quick" play throughs. Together, they can serve as a modern replacement for older mods, such as HotFusion's Economy Adjuster, which did something similar with NPC's mercantile skill, but now with far less lines of code.

This mod can be tweaked by simply opening the json file and adjust the values in this line:

mobile.mercantile.current = 25+(2*x)

- Please don't upload anywhere else.
- Please ask before including this mod in your project.

- Requires latest MWSE/Lua
- Drag and drop contents into "Data Files/MWSE/mods"

- Thanks to Greatness7
- Banner art by igorlevchenko

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