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An anti-exploit mod focusing on spells and enchantments. Prevents unlimited stacking of magic effect from spells and enchants when they originate from a common source.

Permissions and credits
A MWSE-lua mod by Meta Barj0
This anti-exploit mod focuses on spells and enchants. It prevents stacking magical effects originating from a same source. For example, if you know two different spells having each one effect of chameleon on self, the first 10% 5 seconds and the second 15% 5 seconds; if you cast these two spells, the chameleon effects won't stack and only the effect of the last cast will be active that is either 10% or 15%, not 25% as in vanilla.
This mod needs the latest version of mwse (2.1), shipped with MGE XE
and is ESP free

What does MAB0's unstacked does?
It prevents stacking magical effect from spell and enchants, basically. Only the effect originating from the last cast or enchantment will be active instead of being stacked on top of an older effect.
However, if the source of an effect is different, they can stack. For instance, a heal effect from a spell and a heal effect from an enchant can be stacked on top of each other as their sources differ.
Moreover, effect originating from different enchant cast type can stack (on strike, on used, constant effect and cast once are cast types)
It handles these use cases :
  • 2 identical effect types originating from 2 different spell casts do not stack anymore
  • Works on Player as well as NPCs
  • Works with AOE spells and enchants
  • Identical effect types can stack if they originate from different sources
  • Handled sources that are considered different are spells (true spells, not power, curse, blight, disease or abilities), on strike enchant, on used enchant, cast once enchant and constant effect enchants
  • totally compatible with MAB0's exploitable and its realtime magic effect fading system.
  • totally compatible with and complementary to MAB0's ingestion and its limitation of ingredient/potion ingestion mechanics.
  • Configurable with MCM

Limitations of MAB0's unstacked
There is a graphical glitch that I've seen when an effect that is newer invalidate an older effect and there is a visual effect associated with it (shield, chameleon,...). Even when effect fades out, the visual effect will persist. A workaround I've found consists in save/reload the game to get rid off the improper visual effect. (Fixed in 1.0.3)

Translation considerations
MAB0's unstacked is shipped with some tools and in particular, locale tools.
Moreover, there is a file containing localized strings for the mod. As today, only English and French sentences are written so feel free to add your own language if you'd like to contribute. MAB0's ingestion will automatically detect your game language.

Modding considerations
As all MAB0's mods, this one uses a common set of tools one can find in the MWSE/lib directory.

Recommended mods
These are mods that I developed and that are fully compatible with MAB0's unstacked
MAB0's exploitable, an anti exploit mod allowing time to pass for specified magic effect even in pause mode
MAB0's manipulated, that considers mental manipulation effects as criminal acts toward non combating NPC if witnessed
MAB0's ingestion, an anti-exploit mod preventing the player to be affected by more that one alchemical effect at a time.

Many thanks
  • Bethesda to have made such a great game
  • NullCascade and all mwse-lua contributors, for such an awesome tool and for their patience to answer my many questions
  • The entire morrowind modding community that is a source of inspiration
  • to host all that shiny stuff