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Assorted mods I think people might be interested in, which are too small to justify having their own page.

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Fargoth's Ring Unbarrelled
  • You can now find Fargoth's ring sitting beside the chargen barrel, instead of inside it. It always bothered me that even law abiding characters who wouldn't dream of rummaging around in someone else's stuff had to nick it from the barrel. Now they can serendipitously 'find' it on the ground, and give it back to its owner - or keep it. You decide. 
  • Compatibility: it should work fine with chargen mods - either they change the way you get access to the menus completely, or you should get access to the magic menu (etc) when you pick up the ring. Tested with Vanilla, QuickChar, and CREL - all good. There is potential for conflict with any mods that change the layout of Seyda Neen though - possibly the ring would get covered up in that case.

Children of Morrowind - No Playgrounds, No Extra Bounties
  • Requires Children of Morrowind
  • Russian translation available
  • Removes the playgrounds added by Children of Morrowind - the sandboxes, the swings, etc - as they're prone to conflicts with town mods, and look a little out of place. 
  • Also removes the extra 2000 bounty you get if a child witnesses you committing a crime.
  • Changes some kids in Dunmer towns (Molag Mar, Tel Aruhn) to Dunmer + changes their names to match
  • Removes a few kids from Hla Oad, where the kids nearly outnumbered the adults
  • Moves the fighting kids to less high-traffic areas
  • Fighting kids will stop fighting sooner/ at a smaller distance now (Range 512 instead of 800)
  • Added a check for bad weather; kids and mums will go inside when it's raining or thunder/ash storming
  • Filtered out some audio lines where the audio quality was poor
  • Changed the hours kids will be outside from 8 - 20 to 9 - 18. The way the scripts work mean that they might appear after 9 or not disappear until after 18 though - there's a delay based on player proximity / cell changes.
  • Does not remove dogs, cats, any other toys, etc. Does not make children killable. 

Bread and Water for Ashfall alpha:
  • Ashfall is a great mod, but the full feature set hasn't been implemented yet, and it can sometimes be difficult to find food in towns. This mod adds restocking food to most of the publicans in the game (via a barrel added to the cell, not to the NPCs themselves), and kegs to a few taverns without them. It's quick and not very elegant but it works. Happy surviving!

Traveling Merchants 2.3 - Luce Edit
  • Replacement esp for Traveling Merchants 2.3. 
  • Requires Cyran0 and GhanBuriGhan's Traveling Merchants 2.3
  • This edit is very simple - I just went through all the dialogue, greetings, and journal entries, and fixed any typos, spelling and grammar mistakes, or stylistic (eg excessive whitespace) issues that I noticed. In one or two cases I made more significant changes to a line of dialogue to make it flow better. I didn't make any changes to the functionality of the mod - that's all Cyran0 and GhanBuriGhan's excellent hard work!

Django's The Seedy Plates - Caeris's Morag Tong Polished Patch
  • Django's The Seedy Plates and Caeris's Morag Tong Polished both edit Traven Marvos. The Seedy Plates adds an animation to him, while Morag Tong Polished changes some of his stats and requires him to be free to move (ie not permanently stuck on the furniture because of an animation). Generating Merged Objects doesn't fix the conflict. 
  • This patch adds a new NPC instead of TSP's Traven (with all the same dialogue/animation) and deletes TSP's changes to Traven.
  • Load instead of Eight Plates.esp
  • Requires von Django's The Seedy Plates
  • It's intended for use with Morag Tong Polished, but does not require that mod.

Caius Cosades topic anti-journal
  • For people using an alternate start mod or who don't want to start the main quest immediately. 
  • Asking about Caius Cosades at the South Wall will only update your journal if you have the Package for Caius in your inventory. 
  • No more annoying quest hanging around in your journal forever if you don't want to do the main quest with this character.

Patch for Remiros' Groundcover and Kogoruhn Expanded
  • Requires Remiros' Groundcover
  • Requires Kogoruhn Expanded
  • Fixes grass that is floating or bleeding into rocks/buildings when the two mods are used together.
  • Use INSTEAD OF Rem_AL.esp
  • If you're using MGEXE, you'll need to regenerate your distant land.

Guild of Vampire Hunters - Lucevar Edit
  • Requires Gavrilo's original mod! Guild of Vampire Hunters by Gavrilo93
  • Use my .esp instead of his
  • Dialogue fixes, typos and such
  • Disposition increases for completing quests
  • Guild NPCs are now less upfront about their backgrounds: they'll only reveal their secrets once they trust you (ie once you've killed a bunch of vampires for them.)
  • Aundae captives (from vanilla): adds dialogue and makes two of them members of the Guild. 
  • Guild of Vampire Hunters topic - adds dialogue to NPCs in Vivec, and members of the Guild
  • Cleaned dirty AMBI/WGHT edit in Vivec, Foreign Quarter: Lower Waistworks
  • Adds a rumour to point you to the guild
  • Removes copies of two quest-related books

Moonlight on the River Odai - Lucevar Edit
  • Esp replacer for MattTheBagel's amazing quest mod Moonlight on the River Odai - please go endorse the original mod!
  • Cleaned with tes3cmd 
  • Cleaned dialogue with TESAME
  • Fixes the "new friends" removetopic bug
  • Fixes the filtering on "outlanders" topic
  • Some minor dialogue tweaks to fix typos/sentence flow