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This mod allows you to role play as a vampire hunter, finally. Quests, new characters, unique dialogue, equipment and a lot more.

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Part of the Morrowind Seasonal Summer of Content Modding Challenges 

Are you a crusader who wants to protect the people from evil? Were you with Team Jacob in Twilight? You can't give blood because you hate needles?

Then I'm happy to announce that the mod "Guild of Vampire Hunters" will make your dreams come true.

An ex-Ordinator in Vivec (Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks) has established a guild of vampire hunters. For this guild, your motivations do not matter. You can be a Werewolf, a fanatic of the Tribunal Temple, a Followers of Meridia, or an opportunists who just wants to get some cash. As long as you are willing to kill some vampires and Molag Bal cultists, you are in.


- A new class: Vampire hunter
- A new guild hall for vampire hunters in Vivec, with three unique NPCs with unique dialogue and background stories
- Nine quests, mostly about killing vampires and Molag Bal cultists
- Receive a bounty for every vampire dust turned it
- A merchant selling useful equipment for vampire hunters (armor, crossbows, fire damage weapons, potions etc.)
- A bed and a chest reserved for you in the guild hall to use for free
- Compatibility with everything, (that I'm aware of) including Morrowind Rebirth

What is new in version 1.1? (Published on 04/09/2018)

- Bugfix: Floating items in the guild hall are brought down
- Bugfix: All vampires will drop vampire dust now
- Cleaned with TESAME


Besides Tribunal and Bloodmoon this mod requires the "Imperial Studded Armor" mod by NazoX9. I wanted to have a kind-of Dawnguard feeling for my guild, that's why the members wear this armor, and it is also available for sale in the guild hall by the way. Thank you very much, NazoX9 for giving me permission to use your mod!

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