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If the guards catch you, all your contraband (drugs, ore, and Dwemer items) will be confiscated, regardless of whether they are stolen or not. Optionally, you would also be expelled from factions that lore-wise would not tolerate criminals among themselves. Compatible with Service Refusal Expanded.

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Have you noticed that if you commit a crime and cooperate with the guards, your stolen items will be removed, but not your illegal items? The guards take that ceramic bowl you have stolen, but not your ten portions of Moon Sugar. Well, with this mod, this problem is solved, and the guards will act in a more immersive way, like a police force in real life would do. Upon cooperating with the guards, all your contraband (drugs, ore, and Dwemer items) will be confiscated, even if they are not stolen.

With version 1.1. (published on 30/06/2019) upon caught by the guards, you would also be expelled from certain factions, who lore-wise should not tolerate criminals among their ranks, if you are a member of those factions. (Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult, Great House Redoran, Temple, East Empire Company, and the Census and Excise Office, if you have my mod Census and Excise Office Faction ) The faction, "Imperial Knights" is also covered in the script, in case anyone ever makes a mod which allows the player to join them. Nota Bene: We anticipate that some people would complain that they don't want this feature, but still want the illegal items to be removed. If you are such a person, open the console, and type this: "set RFD_AllowFactionKickOut to 0" (without quotation marks.)

The mod is so compatible with everything, that you wouldn't believe it! We even went an extra mile for you guys, and made it compatible with Service Refusal Expanded by Caeris. If your character has the Imperial Charter in their inventory, the ore and the Dwemer items won't be confiscated, only the drugs. The mod does NOT require "Service Refusal Expanded" to work, but the two mods can run together without breaking your immersion. Unbelievable, but true! It's clean, and bug-free too!

But what about the Mages' Guild? They require me to deliver Dwemer blueprints. I don't want my questline to be broken!

We anticipated your problem, and made it sure that the unique blueprints the Mages' Guild requires from you to deliver won't be removed. Justification? The Mages' Guild is a legal organization in the Empire, so if you work for them, you possess those unique items legally. The same goes for that Dwemer artifact you have to deliver for Divayth Fyr during the Main Quest. You received that from Caius Cosades, the head of the Blades. It should be all right to possess it.

Wow! You folks are so user-friendly! Could you make it even better?

Of course we can! It has two versions! The "stable version" works with all the versions of Morrowind, but the scripting is not too optimal, and if you have an ancient PC, it might cause some lag. The "light version" is optimal, but it might not work on some versions of Morrowind. (E.g. the Bethesda.net version has been tested, it does not work with that.) Both version could be found in the folder. Only have one of them active at any given time.

If you want to test/try out the mod quickly, open the console and type StartScript, RFDAddStuff and then StartScript, NoOneAboveTheLaw. For the feature that removes you from factions that would not tolerate a criminal as a member: StartScript, RFDFactionAddTest and then StartScript, RFDFactionKickOut.