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This mod gives you the opportunity to join the Census and Excise Office and do quests for them. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Have you had enough of great adventures? You couldn't care less about becoming a mighty wizard or a warrior? Then your dreams have finally come true: You can finally play Morrowind as a mere commoner, a public servant of the Empire, who works for the Census and Excise Office.

Features of this mod:

- Nine new quests for the Census and Excise Office, aimed for low level characters
- Roleplay as a Census and Excise agent: Collect tax, process immigrants who want to enter Morrowind, make deliveries, conduct a census etc.
- Multiple choice quests: Will you be an honest, hard working public servant or a corrupt one who collects a little more tax for themselves, and allows themselves to be bribed? Will you do your tasks as well as you could, or will you not put a lot of effort into them?
- Different rewards and penalties based on what decisions you make
- A bounty system for contraband: Get paid in gold and promotions in the faction for clearing out smugglers' caves and delivering the Moon Sugar, Skooma or Raw Ebony that you find there for the Census and Excise Office Warehouse
- The mod should be compatible with everything, it should also be also bug-free and clean

Version 1.1

Due to popular request, I decreased the bounty that the Census and Excise Office gives for skooma. Now you can get 250 gold for a vial, instead of 500.

Version 1.2:

Also due to popular request, you will receive the key to the Census and Excise Office warehouse upon joining so that you could access the area freely.

Version 1.3:

- Fixed a bug where the bounty scroll still claimed that they give 500 gold for skooma, when it was in fact reduced to 250 in version 1.1.
- Made it compatible with my other mods, "Imperial Noble Titles," "Nationalist Nerevarine," and "Main Quest Overhaul. (there were some minor dialogue conflicts previously)

Version 1.4:

Cleaning and dialogue tweaks, thanks to Danae

Version 1.5:

There is a small faction reputation for turning in contraband now. Doing all the quests and being diligent in the Census and Excise Office's anti-smuggling operation might as well make you Grand Inspector (the highest available rank) one day!

Version 1.6:

More rational requirements for achieving ranks in the Census and Excise Office faction.

To Begin:

Talk with Socucius Ergalla again after you've completed the vanilla quest "Death of a Taxman." (In a way which is beneficial for the Census and Excise Office: Handing over the 200 gold and executing the murderer.)


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