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Tired of the drag and drop?

Add mouse wheel control to the inventory/container interface to simplify inventory management!

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*Part of the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2019*

inom – Inventory mouse wheel
Just another MWSE-lua mod

– Features

Mouse Wheel
In the containers interface you can now use the mouse wheel to push or pull items between your inventory and the container without drag and drop.

Default scroll   - pushes or pulls whole stacks of items at the time.
Shift-scroll     - pushes or pulls 10 items at a time.
Ctrl-scroll      - pushes or pulls one item from a stack at a time. (great for managing alchemy resources)

Update: May 1. 2020. -- There is currently a bug with moving items with my code and the current MWSE build, it seems if you loot a corpse too fast, your game might not like it, it seems looting containers like chests and pots as fast as you can is still safe.

I'm working with the MWSE-people to fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: May 20th, 2020 -- The MWSE issues have been resolved, update your MWSE to the May 20th build or later if you have odd looting issues.
(Run MWSE-Update.exe in your Morrowind folder.) And thanks a lot to the MWSE-team for all their work these past weeks. :)

– Installation

MGE XE v0.10.1 or later
Latest nightly build of MWSE v2.1

Just place the contents of the zip file into your "Data Files" folder, there is no .esp-file to activate.

– Compatibility

This mod only adds functionality to the game, it doesn't change any existing functionality, so it should be compatible with everything.

– Background

I'd been wanting this kind of feature in Morrowind for ages. I finally decided to do something about it while playing a new character heavily invested in alchemy. Managing all those resources and chests became too tedious. I really wanted to make something that didn't change or remove existing functionality, so I could use it with anyone else's mod as well. The Morrowind Modding Community on discord were really helpful with getting me started with my very first mod. Both by showing me examples of their own code, and also by answering all my nubish questions. Thanks guys!

Future plans
I'm hoping to extend the mouse wheel feature to vendors too, as it would be great for buying arrows, bolts, or alchemical ingredients. Also I really like to have the same interface everywhere. It's a totally different ballgame when it comes to the programming however with how stacks of items for purchase are handled. Currently it can't be done within the scope of this mod. Crossing my fingers for some new functionality for controlling the barter menu interface in the not too far future. I won't consider this mod completely feature complete (v1.0.0) until I get the vendors working as well. But it's not critical, as you just click (not drag and drop) at the vendors anyways.

Thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for making Morrowind, probably the most intricate RPG-sandbox ever.
Thanks to NullCascade for making MWSE-lua, a more civil way to script mods for Morrowind.
Thanks to Merlord, Greatness7, Petethegoat, Mort, and many many more from the Morrowind Modding Community for all your help, you guys are awesome.