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About this mod

Vanilla-friendly spell sounds replacer.

Permissions and credits

  • each and every vanilla spell sound replaced with a higher-quality, enhanced version
  • all of the sounds stay close to vanilla (original sounds are largely retained and reworked)
  • mashed up with unused Bethesda spell sounds
  • more crispy, detailed, and interesting take on vanilla SFX

I. Installation

Download, extract, replace all. I recommend backing up Data Files/Sounds/Fx/Magic folder in case you want to get back to vanilla sounds.

There is also an extra .esp available for users of Magic Diversity (NO SOUNDS version), which adds specific Shield (hit) sounds. Use instead of the original .esp - make sure you install the original mod beforehand.

III. Compatibility

Incompatible with mods that alter spell sound IDs, unless you're willing to do a bit of renaming/replacing.
Fully compatible with Magic Diversity (NO SOUND), whether you use my .esp or not.

WARNING! For some obscure reason my .esp doesn't work well if positioned ABOVE TESTool's Merged Objects. You have to load it AFTER Merged_Objects.esp. If not, some spells will have wrong magic schools refs (as in vanilla) and my shield edits won't work.

IV. Usage/Prospects

Use however you wish, would be nice if you mentioned me if you plan to release something.

V. Credits

Also Magic Diversity, because their VFX are more than perfect and had a huge impact on me. There's also a version of their mod that replaces spell sounds too, so you should check it out if you don't like mine.

And if you'd like to hear more of my sounds see Cogs or a little music overhaul of my own - Better Music System Redone.