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Along with the scripting genius of my friend Peter, we created a series of vampire mods based on my Basil stories.

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Vampiric Illusion:
A new spell "Vampire Mask" is available after the player acquired some practise with the "Vampire Dazzle" spell. It is available to all three clans, and so cheap even a Quarra can cast it!

"Vampire Mask" is a toggle, so when cast it will turn the mask on and when cast again the mask is turned off. The spell will always succeed and costs no magicka, but the effect is paid in blood and magicka as long it lasts. The blood costs are calculated in game time, not real time. Sleeping with this effect activated is hence a good way to run out of blood quickly.

Scent of Blood:
This mod gives the vampire the ability to 'smell' the bloodlines of other vampires. It's technically not the same as normal smell, and is more closely related to blood magic than a normal sense of smell. This comes in handy for identifying friend and foe at a short distance, allowing the vampire to ready himself if needs be. All the message dialogues are different and tailored for each clan accordingly. Like Vampiric Illusion, this is aimed more at roleplayers.

When you drink a vampire dry using combat feeding, diablerie will automatically happen. Diablerie is not to be confused with the temporary ability increases by Vampiric Hunger,which do not demand to drink the victim dry. This still occurs, and does not count as diablerie.

Cattle Fix:
An extremely simple mod which fixes an oversight in the original cattleScript. I noticed that after doing all three Aundae quests (but the same accounts for the other clans, too), killing cattle of OTHER clans will also present you with the Journal entry that you killed your OWN cattle and are no longer welcome at your clan.

Vampiric Regeneration:
This mod offers a balanced regeneration for vampires based on their blood level from Vampiric Hunger. In addition it changes the blood vials from Vampire Realism to store a dynamic amount of blood instead of the previous static 45 points.

Vampire Companion Control:
Control following behaviour of your Vampire Embrace companions with a single keystroke. Tell your children, thralls and slaves to follow you, stay where they are or wander around without the need to open dialog.

These are all complex, script-heavy mods. Please read the readme carefully before play.

Please do not upload these files anywhere else.