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Vampire Realism itself is actually the vampire-improving base for a larger planned quest mod.

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Vampire Realism is an ongoing project of mine to improve vampires in Morrowind. And rather than focusing on a single larger feature, it is basically a large compilation of changes to vampires, to improve the whole experience.

It has gone through four full incarnations, six counting the betas of this version, and has been worked on for over a year now - the first version was publically released on the 15th of December, 2003, and was in development for a period before that. It is not now, and may never be, "done" - it will continue to have features added to it and adjustments made.

Vampire Realism itself is actually the vampire-improving base for a larger planned quest mod. I can't say at this point whether or not this quest mod will see the light of day, but the only reason Vampire Realism is being developed seperately is to give something to the community regardless of what happens to the larger mod. When I first started working on that larger mod, dubbed "Terrors Among Us", in late 2003, I read over several mod release threads by MaxPublic, a forum member who appears to no longer be active. He was working on a Total Conversion of Morrowind named The Twelve Houses, and had released the first three phases of that mod - Green, Leafy, and Forested Morrowind - stating that with those releases people could enjoy his work up to that point even if the larger mod was never finished. This seemed like a logical model to me, so I halted work on the quest mod and released the first version of the base. Had I gone ahead with the quest mod and base in the same project, I doubt I'd still be modding at this point.

Have fun with this plugin, and drop me a line on the contact page if you have any trouble, or if there's something you'd like to see in a future version.