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Adds 2 new Enchanter services: item recharging and scroll transcription
Adds 1 new Spell Maker service: scroll deciphering
Very latest MWSE 2.1, MCP, MGE XE beta required - see the readme for details

v1.01 - bug fix
v1.02 - conflict fix, ini setting support
v1.03 - bug fix
v1.04 - bug fix, service requiremenets

Permissions and credits
Requires (and special Kudos to NullCascase and Greatness7 for their recent work and continuing on it)
MWSE version 2.1 or greater. Download the in-development version from the mirror here until it is released.

Also requires (and thanks to Hrnchamd's ginormous past and recent work on these)
MCP v2.4 (or later) 'Service Refusal Filtering here
MGE-XE v0.9.10 and MGE-XE beta v0.10.24 (or later) here and here

Additional services are now offered by:

Enchanted Item Recharging:
      Drag/drop enchanted items into the Recharging Station
  or press the Ready Magic (default "R") hot key to recharge all items
Scroll Transdcription (making additional copies):
Drag/drop scrolls onto the Transcription Desk

Spell Makers:
     Scroll Deciphering (copy the enchantment to spell book)
       Drag/drop scrolls onto the Deciphering Desk
Exit these services by clicking the "Done" button or pressing the Fight (default "F") key
Not all items may be possible to service, based on the service provider's enchantment
or magic skill compared with the casting cost of the item's enchantment.
Guild providers will give somewhat higher level of service at lower cost, depending on your rank.
Item recharging prices shown are for full re-charging; partial top-ups cost will be pro-rated.
MWSE\sve_enchanted_services.ini file includes service chance and cost calculation variables.
        MWSE\sve_enchanted_services.ini service refusal settings
        2:Vanilla (for NPC.rank>=5, PC.rank>=NPC.rank-3)
        1:Vanilla+Membership required
        <1:PC.rank>NPC.rank+# required
      0: PC.rank>=NPC.rank required
      -1: PC.rank>=NPC.rank-1 required (similar to Vanhikes' "Service Requirements")
      -2: PC.rank>=NPC.rank-2 required
      -3: PC.rank>=NPC.rank-3 required