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A choice of either a small house, in one of 11 locations, a single Deluxe house, or a pocket house.

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I wanted the right house for my character, Nerevar.
He's moved his stuff into the cellar, and now you can live there.
Hope you like it.

The key is in the letterbox on the front gate.
V1.9.0 – Pocket Deluxe.Added the Telvanni tower to Deluxe, unlocked by exploring the expanded Dwemer excavation as part of a
new quest – can you fix the stove? Mufflable windchimes. Better fast travel. Reworked Classic Redoran. Everything polished, tweaked,
and a lot of new items, decor and equippable.

*** NHM Classic - A small, but well-furnished, single room house.
Perfect for adventurers looking to start their own collection.
3 Styles, 11 Locations (Ald-Ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Dagon Fel, Ebonheart
Gnisis, Sadrith Mora, Seyda Neen, Suran, Tel Branora, Vos)
24+ high capacity containers
Several useful artefacts, including an amulet to teleport you back.
A map of Vvardenfell, with fast travel
Reusable extra-bright lantern
A convenient shrine
An alchemist’s book of common potions
*** NHM Deluxe – A larger house, filled with everything Morrowind has to offer.
For players that don’t mind OP luxury.
1 Location (at the source of the Odai. Due South of Caldera, NE of Balmora.)
Open plan kitchen/diner/living room
Servants Room (with housekeeper)
Armoury with a trophy wall, for unique weapons
Wizards study room
One neatly furnished bedroom
A large shrine, with healing capability
Forge, with custom Dark Ordinator armour
Well stocked private garden with most pickable ingredients
Adjacent cave leading to a Dwemer excavation
A locked Telvanni tower, full of treasure.
All the unique items of Classic, and more.
*** NHM Pocket and NHM Pocket Deluxe – A house hidden inside a Daedric dimension,
either classic imperial or deluxe. Amulets located in Arrille’s trade house.
*** Extras:
NHM Moving Cart – A cartfull of deep crates, to help with moving & updating house.
Appears outside every NHM location. Inventories between carts are not linked, for compatibility.
NHM Cloud Storage – Adds a cloud storage chest to the cellar of every Classic house, and to the storeroom
under the stairs in Deluxe. Requires Cloud Storage Warehouse  by TheWanderer. Not fully tested.


Requires Tribunal & Bloodmoon

Vanilla -Yes
OpenMW –Yes
The pocket houses work well with Rebirth & Tamriel Rebuilt

Rebirth –User tweaking required
Groundcover– User tweaking required
Itself! You can have all 14 houses at once if you’d like.
Care has been taken to allow compatibility with most upscaled texture packs.
All 3rd party asset files have been renamed, so NHM should be compatible with all
versions of these mods. Do not reuse these without permission from the original creator.

Drag and drop into Data Files.
Check Morrowind Launcher>Data Files tab

MGE XE – Rerun distant land generator with .esp selected

Simple instructions on how to make compatible with MW Rebirth and Groundcover in the comments and readme.txt

If you are updating from a previous version, I highly recommend:
taking your stuff out of the house,
loading the save without any version of NHM running,
saving again,
then loading up the new house.

Don’t risk losing your loot, always make backups of your save files!

Q. Has it been cleaned of GMSTs?
A. Yes, with Tes3cmd
Q. I can’t find the house?
A.  Check the Data Files option in the launcher, did you tick off which NHM version you wanted?
For MGE XE It may help to re-run the distant land generator.
Q. Why is there floating grass?
A.  You’re using a groundcover mod and haven’t made it compatible.
Q. Can you change X?
A. Ill consider every reasonable request.
Q. Is it compatible with X?
A. As long as that mod doesn’t change the land where the house is located, it should be fine.
Q. Can I use parts of this mod in my own work?
A. Yes, if you credit me or the original creator.
Q. Why is part of the cellar blocked off until I finish the main quest?
A.  That’s my shrine to the character I built this mod for. Type TCL in the console if you can’t wait to see it.
Q. How do I get through the golden door into the Telvanni tower?
A. Look in the library for a book called “NHM Quest walkthrough”
If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, please let me know! Post a comment or DM me on Nexus.
The book "On the shoulders of Giants" references all 3rd party assets used

Danae123 - Eelbert Einstein - RaptorMeat - TommyKhajit – Spirithawke - GhanBuriGhan
Melchior Dahrk - Lautasantenni – Regulus V - Trancemaster_1988 -  Asylum
natinnet – Rubberman- Billyro – SweetJerryPie - hollaajith – PeterBitt –MacKom
ShadowMimicry – Billyfighter – JohanRosen – Geonox – Dietbob – Anmcbride
3dregenerator – viznum – MistXV – ksnyder21 – Webley1 – Slaanesh the Corrupter
breton187 – KAGZ – Stripes – Yar-Yulme – Erukuma – Galsogramma - Akmatov
r/tes3mods and OpenMW forum users.
The players - without your feedback, NHM wouldn’t be what it is. Thank you for keeping Vvardenfell in your hearts.