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Adds a well furnished house to one of 12 locations, plus a single Deluxe house.

Permissions and credits
I wanted the right house for my character, Nerevar. He’s moved his stuff into
the cellar, and now you can live there. Hope you like it.

The key is in the letterbox on the front gate.


A small, but well-furnished, single room house.
A choice of 12 locations, in 5 different styles
24+ unique, high capacity containers
An amulet to teleport you back.
A map of Vvardenfel, with fast travel
A convenient shrine
An alchemist’s book of common potions
A trophywall, for unique weapons
Ald Ruhn
Dagon Fel
Sadrith Mora
Seyda Neen
Tel Branora
Deluxe Version
I made a larger house directly South of Caldera. It has so much more!
Ground floor living room, dining room, kitchen. Forge adjacent. Upstairs bedroom, study,
library and shrine. Underground cellar and armoury. A cave round the back.
From Balmora follow the Odai north past the temple, and look to your right when the river
The moving barrel – A deep barrel near each house, to make moving your stuff a little
easier. Good when updating.


Requires Tribunal & Bloodmoon

OpenMW – 100%
MGE XE – Weapon Rack is unpredictable
Rebirth – NHM Deluxe is available in Rebirth
Groundcover – If you use groundcover you will need to customise it.
Itself! You can have all 12 houses at once if you’d like.
Drag and drop into Data Files.
Check off the house you’d like in the Morrowind Launcher>Data Files tab
MGE XE –Rerun distant land generator with .esp selected
If you use a Groundcover mod, there will be floating grass on some houses. The deluxe house
suffers from this most. I have included the method described on Remiros’
Groundcover Nexus Page in the .zip as a separate Readme.
If you are updating from a previous version, I highly recommend taking your stuff out of
the house, saving, loading the save without any version of NHM running, saving
again, then loading up the new house. Don’t risk losing your loot, always make
backups of your saves!

Vanilla Plus Textures
Weapon Sheathing
Graphic Herbilism
Morrowind Enhanced Overhaul
Patch for Purists
Q. Has it been cleaned of GMSTs?
A. Yes, withTes3cmd
Q. I can’t find the house?
A.  Try rerunning the distant land generator inMGE XE with the .esp selected.
Q. Why is there floating grass?
A.  You’re using a groundcover mod and haven’tmade it compatible.
Q. The weapon rack doesn’t work?
A.  The original engine handles GetItem callsbadly, and for now the rack only works in OpenMW.
Q. Can you change X?
A. Ill consider every reasonable request.
Q. Is it compatible with X?
A. As longas that mod doesn’t change the land where the house is located, it should be
Q. Can I use parts of this mod in my own work?
A. Yes, if you credit me.
Q. Can I distribute this anywhere?
A. Yes, please do.

Q. Why call it Nerevars house?
A. I always call my character Nerevar.
Q. Why is part of the cellar blocked off until I finish the main quest?
A. Because that’s my shrine to the character I built this mod for, and it’s got Sunder and
Keening in there. Type TCL in the console if you can’t wait to see it.
Q. In the Deluxe house, why are some shelves bare?
A. I want there to be every lore book ever written for TES in this library. That’s a lot
of data entry. Check out The Library of Tamriel on Nexus for more information
on this.

V1.7.0 Adds the Deluxe version of the house and its Rebirth-compatible twin. All exteriors have also been given a
polish, with different exteriors according to their style. Some minor landscape
editing. The map of Vvardenfel now acts as a fast travel point, the shrine is now free (and more useful) and the
unusual Bug Musk is reusable. Support for non-OpenMW versions (without the
weapon rack) has been dropped, but v1.6 will still be available on Nexus.
Please let me know if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, post a comment on Nexus.

TommyKhajjit, Danae123 and Raptormeat for Map Assets, SpiritHawke for scripting
tutorials, NexusMods and the Morrowind overhaul collective for being great
And the players- without your feedback, NHM wouldn’t be what it is. Thank you for keeping
Vvardenfel in your hearts.