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Adds a Simple house to either Seyda Neen, Caldera, Ebonheart, Dagon Fel or Sadrith Mora.

Lots of little features.

Permissions and credits
Compatible with Morrowind Overhaul 3.0
Requires Tribunal & Bloodmoon

Key is in the letterbox on the front gate

I made it for my first playthrough in years. I wanted the right house for my character, Nerevar. Its currently furnished with all the stuff he's collected.

Ive released version 1.4!

15+ unique containers
Theres a secret door in the cellar.
Has a warp stone to take you back.
Some useful lore books.
Cellar is blocked until you complete the main quest.

No GMSTs (cleaned with TESTool)

Hope you like it.