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Brings the Nirnroot to Vvardenfell.

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  • Polish
Brings the Nirnroot to Vvardenfell.
A simple, non-intrusive and bug-free quest mod.

This mod adds a number of non-respawning, lore-friendly "Nirnroot" plants to Morrowind.
In a questline with multiple stages you will meet Erlandil, an Altmer-Alchemist from Summerset Isle and help him collecting those rare plants.
The quest starts naturaly as you play (by picking-up a Nirnroot) and continues relieable and solid, without bugs or illogical tasks.
I believe the final reward is something to look forward to and to keep you motivated for this rather long quest, wich you will propably have in your journal for a while.

In version 2.0 the Nirnroot is completely redone with hand-painted textures and a new mesh with only 90 polys.

- This mod is cleaned with tes3cmd and is free of any bugs
- You dont need to start a new game
- You can play this at any Level or Class
- Tribunal & Bloodmoon not required

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