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The Elder Scrolls III

Sky Diversity



1. Description
2. Installation and Requirements
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Features
5. Version
6. Conflicts & Compatability
7. Thanks
8. Notes
9. Copyright




TITLE: Sky Diversity
VERSION: v1.30 [01-Nov-2016]
BY: svengineer99
CONTACT: Bethesda software forum sveng

This mod uses a command line co-executable running in parallel with Morrowind to coordinate
ImageMagick and TES3CMD command line calls with MGE-XE and MWSE scripting and modded hi-res
moon, stars and sky weather textures to create unique nightly star and moon textures and unique
each weather change sky textures. Additional scripting effects include real time varying cloud
break colors, occasional weather breaks with chance of rainbows, and northern latitude auroras.

- All weather types seed sky textures
- Randomly selects from any number of textures with the format Tx_*Sky_*.dds
placed in the Data Files\Textures\SkyDiversity\Sky_Variations folder; this folder
will be created the first time MWCMD runs, with original Sky textures subdirectory.
- Clear and cloudy weather
- Randomly overlays a second, third, fourth .. clear or cloudy textures
- Randomly adjustes the density (alpha component) of the sky texture(s)
- All other weathers (Foggy, Overcast, Rainy, Thunder, AshStorm, Blight, Snow, Blizzard)
- Randomly generates sky breaks in the sky textures overlaid on top of the
default sky background color
- Randomly overlays the broken sky on top of a randomly generated extra cloudy
- gradually alternates the cloudy covered broken sky breaks between the default
(typically gray) and cloudy (typically blue) sky colors
- Incliment weather breaks (Rainy, Thunder, AshStorm, Blight, Snow, Blizzard)
- Random breaks in rain/ash/blight/snow preciptation allowing easier skygazing
- Rainbows during Rainy and Thunder Weather and Sky breaks
- Adds a chance of gradual rainbow appearance and disapperance during Rainy and Thunder
weather and sky breaks. Improved rainbow generation is supported with a slightly
modified version of vtastek's rainbow shader.
- Stars
- By default, extends and rotates the stars texture to give an off-center view that
traverses a complete cycle once per year; it's not quite astronomically
accurate but it's closer than the default game engine 4 day centered cycle.
- Optionally (in the console "set sve_skd_stars_rotate_or_random to 1") randomly
selects a new star texture every night from any number of textures with the
format Tx_Sky_Stars*.dds placed in the Data Files/Textures/SkyDiversity/Stars_Variations/
- Aurora Borealis
- Northern lights of varying shape, colors and intensity will appear in the night sky at
far north latitudes.
- Moons
- Generates 24 unique moon textures per full moon cycle (instead of the default 8)
filling in more or less new, crescent, half, gibbous and full moon illuminations.
- Adds some random rotation to "dry" or "wet" looking moons on the horizon (not
astronomically linked to the season as in real life)
- Optional and customizable planetshine and atomospheric scattering effects
- Every moon every night is unique with each passing day and month
- Particles
- Randomly adjusts particle (rain, snow, ash, etc) textures to be heavier (lower
alpha content) or lighter (higher alpha content) once per day.




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/ directory.

FIRST: Back-up any important save games before trying this out the first time.
I have no reason to believe that running MWCMD.exe and/or adding MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm
should have any negative or lasting effect on save games, but there is ALOT of new
stuff going on, so better safe than sorry.

REQUIREMENTS: 0) Windows operating system (I have no idea if it could work on Linux+Wine)
1) Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal
2) MCP 2-2 with 2-3 beta ( or later ) including 'script expression parser fix'
[ ]
[ ]
3) MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20151016 ( or later )
[ ]
4) MGE-XE v0.9.10 and MGE-XE beta v0.10.16 (or later)
[ ]
[ ]
5) Skies IV (or other Sky, Star, Moon and Particle Texture/ and Mesh/ files)
[ ]
6) TES3CMD installed in the Data Files/ folder (that's the default location)
[ ]
MWCMD will call TES3CMD; no need to run manually.
7) Imagemagick 7.0.1-1 or later
Installed including Path Check Box checked during installation
[ ]
MWCMD will call ImageMagick; no need to run manually.
Note: Q8 version (instead of Q16) is recommended to reduce CPU loading.
8) Morrowind.ini Glare View=0.0 for Rain/ThunderStorm/Snow Weathers (vanilla default)

NOTES: This mod is not compatible with OpenMW due to MGE-XE, MWSE and purgetextures
script funciton usage.
This mod is compatible with the Steam version but requires launching Morriwind as normal
for Steam, followed by alt-tab back launch MWCMD. exe after reaching the main menu. Sorry
for the inconvenience and hopefully some better method can be devised in the future.

RECOMMENDED: 1) 4 or more CPU cores has ~zero FPS impact in my testing. 2 or 1 core(s)
has noticeable CPU impact during Imagemagick image processing.
2) 1Gb or more of GPU RAM
3) 8Gb or more CPU RAM; less than that may be insufficient for star field rotations.
4) SSD drive will speed up texture generation disk operations
5) Mix and match with other sky texture packs (see how below) including
Alternate Skies
Skies v3 (Optional file)




A) Add the MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm and check that it is near the top of your load order
(after Morrwowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon .esms but earlier than any other .esm that
may add or modify any Regions - see section 6. below).
B) Add the rainbow_skd shader to the MGE-XE shader chain - open MGEXEgui.exe, click on
"Shader setup..." then "Modding >>>" then double click on "rainbow_skd" in the
"Available Shaders" confirming that it is added to the "Active Shader" list.
C) Start MWCMD.exe instead of Morrowind.exe
or for Steam version, start Morrowind normally, alt-tab back to start MWCMD.exe
after reaching the main menu.
D) Recommended but not required to 'Proceed' when prompted on very first new game load
SkyDiversity Texture Initialization Script to Generate a Fresh Starting Set of Sky/
Moon/Aurora Textures.

The first time MWCMD.exe is started it will make backup copies of all the original texture
files that it will manipulate in the course of running and also construct various Textures/
SkyDiversity sub-folders used during the course of the game.

For Sky and Stars diversity it is recommended to wait until after the initial
setup of the corresponding Textures/SkyDiversity/Sky_Variations and /Stars_Variations
folders before adding, moving or removing any alternative textures.

New unique skies are generated at the end of each weather cycle; so, for example, the first unique
rainy sky will get loaded after the first rainy->other->rainy transition. This is only an issue
the very first time the mod is activated. Subsequent game sessions will not have this issue.
Choosing 'Proceed' when prompted by the Sky Diversity Texture Initialization Script will avoid
this start-up anomaly.

Non clear/cloudy background sky color visible through sky breaks cycles between default
color (typically gray) toward cloudy sky color (typically blue) and back again with random
frequency varying between 30s-90s; a bit of skygazing is needed to catch it.

Unique texture generation typically takes 15-30s but can be up to 60-90s or more depending
on your CPU speed and # of cores; you can monitor if any jobs are running indirectly looking
for high-CPU usage imagemagick jobs in the task manager. Changing weathers faster than the
background imagemagic jobs can keep up can result in delayed or missed unique sky generations.

Old default (non-vtastek shader) rainbows are be default turned off. New vtastek shader
rainbows are by default enabled with 33% chance during sky breaks and 50% chance during weather

Skybreak frequency is set to be compatible with default timescale=30. If using slower timescale
these can be scaled down.
For example, with timescale=8, I use:
That gives one weather change between ~30min and ~40min of gametime (~4min and ~12min real time)

Moon and stars texture fiels are generated once per day at the first opportunity after midnight
and updated (purgetexture) once per day starting at the first opportunity after sunrise;
sleeping or waiting starting before midnight/noon and ending after sunset can result in
delayed/sudden moon and stars update.

As an bonus feature and testing tool, the weather can be manually changed on the fly by
holding down the "SHFT-Z-X" keys simultaneously for ~1second that will bring up a menu
to select the new weather. Resting for 1hr will result in rapid weather transition.

Opening the "SHFT-Z-X" Sky Diversity Menu also includes options to generate new, save, restore and
delete favorite sky and aurora borealis textures. It also has options for customizing some of the
most useful global variables controlling sky, moon and borealis texture generation vs loading, sky
and weather break time periods, moon generation types, etc.

Besides MWCMD.exe, additional files included in the Morrowind/ directory include:
1) MWCMD_SkyDiversity.readme.txt - this file
2) MWCMD.ini - a .ini file (use a text editor to modify)
a) DDSCompression= sets the dds compression method (global variable sve_skd_dds_compression)
DDSCompression=0 (for uncompressed, largest file size, fastest generation times, best image quality)
DDSCompression=1 (for DXT5 compression, smallest file size, fast generation times, OK image quality)
DDSCompression=2 (for DXT5 compression, smallest file size, slowest generation times, good image quality)
DDSCompression=3 (for DXT5 compression*, smallest file size, fast generation times, good image quality)
*note: DDSCompression=3 requires nvidia texture tools with nvcompress.exe in the system %path%
Default setting is DDSCompression=1
If you notice blocky or moire artifacts in the sky textures try changing to compression=0,2 or 3.

b) Additional files to start in parallel with Morrowind.exe can be added here, for example:
AutoStart2=AutoSave.exe ( to automatically run in parallel 127ms' Multi Autosave co-executable
for more info about it see )
3) MWCMD_SkyDiversity_global_overrides.ini - an .ini file (use a text editor to modify)
Add lines following the format = to override selected .esm global values (described below)
Global variable overrides defined in this file are restored every new game or reload
The default file sets the rainbow chance to 100 for both cloud breaks and weather breaks; edit it for less
frequent rainbow sightings, if desired.
For advanced users/modders info only:
2) MWCMD.ini (continued)
c) CleanSaveGamesREGNExclusionList=
Defines the REGNs to skip during save game cleaning, default are Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon.esms:
*note: changing this is for advanced users only; see MWCMD_SkyDiversity_CleanSaveGames.cmd section below.
the only reason to modify this list would be to add a REGN that has scripted ModRegion commands
to modify the weather settings that would otherwise get reset to starting values with cleaning.
the only plugin I know that fit this description (besides Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon.esm)
are Rahj.esm's Black Lake Region. If you are using this plug-in then add it to this list.
d) AutoCleanSaveGames=Enabled or Disabled (default is Enabled) -- see section 4) below for more info.
Save game autocleaning: when enabled, save games will be auto-cleaned when a plugin with new REGN is added
d) Magick_Throttle=
Helps to avoid continuous CPU loading (and potential CPU heating and fan noise) during ImageMagick job
processing. Default value is 128.
4) MWCMD_SkyDiversity_RefreshOriginalTextures.cmd will restore original sky, star, moon and particle
textures to their original state before first MWCMD.exe run and delete all MWCMD_SkyDiversity
derived textures; run this before changing base textures (such as moons, stars, etc) in the
Data Files\Textures directory or before dis-continuing use of MWCMD.
5) MWCMD_SkyDiversity_CleanSaveGames.cmd will clean all save games of REGN information, excluding by
default those REGNs in the Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon.esms that are assumed loaded before
MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm; all other .esms that may contain REGN records should load after. REGN entries
for all mods I have in my library (including Tamriel Rebuilt, Azurian Isles, and dozens more) are included
in the MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm to enable scripted weather changes. This works fine for new games or when
adding MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm to a save game. Cleaning is recommended before loading a new plugin with new
defined or changed REGN records to an existing save game with MWCMD_SkyDiversity.
With AutoCleanSaveGames=Enabled, save games should get automatically cleaned when a new plugin is added with
new REGN(s). Without cleaning, unique REGN sounds and sleep creatures will not be correctly defined.
If you suspect or notice this, run MWCMD_SkyDiversity_CleanSaveGames.cmd manually before reloading.
6) Data Files\shaders\MGE-XE\rainbow_skd.fx is vtastek's rainbow shader with scripted control variables added
7) Data Files\Textures\ defines the noise texture used to modulate the shader based rainbows.
Change to all white texture for unchanging rainbows.




See above sections 1-3.

There are a few unavoidable issues to be aware of:

1) The purgetexture command is needed to update the moons, stars and particle textures.
This command has the side-effect on my system of making certain menu textures ( such
as start menu text buttons and inventory icons) invisible until one is scrolled over
and clicked on. I made some attempt to fix this but it seems only partially working.

2) Rapidly cycling through weather or moon cycles can cause the background image
processing to lag the game that mostly shouldn't be noticable except the possiblity
of moon phase or rainbow backdrop being off what it should be.




v1.01 - added sve_skd_rnbw_min/max_blur = 5/7 (previously hard coded to 3)
v1.02 - further tuned rainbow blurring to support new default min/max = 6/12
- adjusted rainbow opacity from 0.15-0.35 to 0.25-0.40 based on bethsoft forum
poll results and MadFialka's input (thanks!)
- fixed skybreak color bug that was causing day, sunset and night skies to be off
from what the should have been (with sunset and night especially effected)
v1.03 - fixed MWCMD_SkyDiversity_global_overrides.ini parsing error
in earlier releases that prevented reading the file correctly
v1.10 - added vtastek shader rainbow support
v1.11 - corrected MWSE version requirement in readme
v1.20 - removed MWSE.dll and MGEXEgui.exe date check due to format region dependence
- modified script to eliminate stray inventory refresh tokens by default
- added MCP 2-3 beta requirement to fix intermittent scripting bug
- fixed sudden rainbow appearance/disappearance bugs
- added sun color variation with sky color, mainly to improve rainbow visibilities
- tweaked several globals to tie rainbow intensity to sky color
- added global_override.ini overrides for 100% chance of cloud and weather break rainbows
v1.30 - fixed rainbow shader to only activate during rainy/thunderstorm/snowy sky and weather breaks
- added "SHFT-X-Z" menu options for sky/moon/aurora favorites generation, saving, loading and deleting
- added "SHFT-X-Z" menu options for changing a few of the most common global variables controlling
sky, moon and borealis texture generation vs loading, sky and weather break time periods,
moon generation types, etc.




When updating to v1.20 it is recommended to clean your save game so as to allow changed global variable
values to be updated.

There are a few minor conflict / compatibility issues explained in detail below. They are unlikely
to occur and probably imperceivable if they did occur so I suggest reading further only if you are
experiencing an issue with missing rainbows, sleep creatures or wrong weathers in regions added by
other mods.

There is a potential conflict with mods that add new or change existing REGN record "Region" info
when adding a new mod to an existing savegame including MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm. There should be no
issue when initially adding MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm.
With default MWCMD_SkyDiversity.ini settings, all regions (excepting those in Morrowind/Tribunal/
Bloodmoon.esms) will get automatically cleaned from all save games on first MWCMD.exe run after
a new region is added to the load order. This should have no negative effect on the save games
but just in case it does you can find the original saves backed up in the Saves/MWCMD_SkyDiversity_Backups
folder. If you are paranoid and don't want this to run automatically then change the MWCMD_Skydiversity.ini
AutoCleanSaveGames=Enabled to =Disabled. But then you need to decide if/when/how to clean your save games
when adding plugins with new REGN records. What could be lost without cleaning are unique sounds and sleep
creatures associated with a new plug-in region.

There is also the potential that existing or new mod plug-in REGNs are missing from the
MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm. I included every one in my library (approximately 100 unique regions) including
Tamriel Rebuilt, MD Azurian Isles, etc. However, there are undoubtedly more mods than I have in my library
and hopefully new mods in the future that will have unique defined REGNs. For REGNs missing in
MWCMD_SkyDiversity, there will be missed scripted weather changes (rainbows) and missed
manual "SHFT-Z-X" weather change support in those regions. Contact me for more info on how to add new
REGNs to MWCMD_SkyDiversity.esm. In a nutshell, in MWEdit the REGN record will need to be added and
sve_skd_changeweather0-9 scripts (10 scripts in total) will need to be updated and re-compiled to add the
corresponding changeweather calls.. just take to NOT recompile all as it will break the purgetextures
command embedded in the sve_skd_purgetextures script that was compiled in the CS (due to MWEdit bug)

Please reports any bugs or problems at:




Merzasphor: For HUGELY extending MWSE including array functions
Hrnchamd: For MWE-XE sky color script functions and imagemagick dds compression fix
CDC and the SF MWSE Dev Team: For MWSE development and release up to 0.9.4a
Dave Humphries: For MWEdit
John Moonsugar: For TES3CMD
John Cristy and the ImageMagick team: for Imagemagick
Starwarsgal9875: For Skies IV (and predescessors)
Vtastek: for the MGE-XE rainbow shader
Bethsoft: For the game engine and base construction set

The Assimilation Lab: For continuously updated Morrowind Modding Wiki entries
GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and melian: For Morrowind Scripting for Dummies
Abot: For Morrowind Scripting for Smarties

Abot (again): for extensive beta testing, scripting feedback and assistance
Greatness7: For TES3CMD and expanded MWSE discussion and assistance (and Aurora Borealis idea)
Starwarsgal9875 (again) for technical and artistic discussion (and atmospheric scattering idea)
Melchior Dahrk: for early encouragement and feedback
Krokantor, HunterZ and Lord Berandas for playtesting feedback leading to v1.20 fixes released

Darkelfguy: for Morrowind Modding Showcases and Podcasts inspiration.

Everyone who commented and contributes on the Bethesda/TES/Morrowind Forums




Global variables for customization (partial description list):

For imagemagick dds file compression:
sve_skd_dds_compression=1 (default) for compression=dxt5, cluster-fit=false
- OK quality (some blocky-ness possible), medium generation times, smaller file sizes
change to sve_skd_dds_compression=2 for compression=dxt5, cluster-fit=true
- better quality, slow generation times, smaller file sizes
change to sve_skd_dds_compression=0 for compression=none
- best quality, fastest generation times, larger file sizes, risk to CTD with <=1G GPU memory
change to sve_skd_dds_compression=3 for compression=none plus nvcompress dxt5 compression*
- better quality, fast generation times, smaller file sizes
*requires nvidia texture tools nvcompress.exe instealled and in the system %path%

For stars:
change to 0 for rotation and 1 for random mode:
sve_skd_stars_rotate_or_random=0 (long 0 or 1)
change the offset for star rotation:
sve_skd_stars_offset= 768 ( long <=1024 )

For aurora borealis:
change min latitude for observation and max latitude for size
sve_skd_borealis_min_y=120000 (float min=0)
sve_skd_borealis_max_y=360000 (float)
change min/max undulations:
sve_skd_borealis_min_w=2 (long min=0)
sve_skd_borealis_max_w=6 (long max=128)
change min/max intensity (alpha opacity):
sve_skd_borealis_min_a=0.65 (float min=0)
sve_skd_borealis_max_a=0.85 (float max=1)
change min/max blur between colors (up to 3):
sve_skd_borealis_min_blur=8 (long min=0)
sve_skd_borealis_max_blur=16 (long max=128)
change 3 colors rgb(red/green/blue) components used:
sve_skd_borealis_cr1/_cg1/_cb1 (longs min=0, max=255)
sve_skd_borealis_cr2/_cg2/_cb2 (longs min=0, max=255)
sve_skd_borealis_cr3/_cg3/_cb3 (longs min=0, max=255)

For moons:
increase/decrease for more/less lunar terminator edge blur:
sve_skd_moon_blur=20 (long min 0, max=128)
increase/decrease for more planetshine effect (dark portion illumination):
sve_skd_massershine_min=0.02 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_massershine_max=0.06 (float, max=1.0)
sve_skd_secundashine_min=0.075 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_secundashine_max=0.225 (float, max=1.0)
change the atmospheric scattering effects (moon edge and atmosphere illumination):
sve_skd_masser_atm_diam=1008 (long, max=1024) smaller diameter will result in larger atmosphere
sve_skd_secunda_atm_diam=1008 (long, max=1024) smaller diameter will result in larger atmosphere
sve_skd_masser_atm_type=1 (long, 0,1 or 2) 0=no edge illumination, 1=edge+atmosphere, 2=edge only
sve_skd_secunda_atm_type=2 (long, 0,1 or 2) 0=no edge illumination, 1=edge+atmosphere, 2=edge only
sve_skd_masser_atm_blur=15 (long, max=25) larger blur -> more edge / less atmosphere illumination
sve_skd_secunda_atm_blur=15 (long, max=25) larger blur -> more edge / less atmosphere illumination
sve_skd_masser_atm_r/g/b=0/255/255 (longs, 0-255) sets the atmosphere color r(ed)/g(reen)/b(lue)
sve_skd_secunda_atm_r/g/b=255/255/0 (longs, 0-255) sets the atmosphere color r(ed)/g(reen)/b(lue)
sve_skd_masser_atm_a=0.3 (float 0.0-1.0) sets the atmosphere intensity (alpha opacity)
sve_skd_secunda_atm_a=0.3 (longs, 0.0-1.0) sets the atmosphere intensity (alpha opacity)
modify the rotation difference between masser and secunda:
sve_skd_sro=-14.7 (float, -14.7 gives ~in phase rotation)

For blight/ash weathers:
increase/decrease for more/less skybreak density:
sve_skd_cldbrk_alpha_min=0.9 (float, min=0.5)
sve_skd_cldbrk_alpha_max=1.4 (float, max=2.0)
modify the sharpness of skybreaks:
sve_skd_cldbrk_blur_min=8 (long, min=0)
sve_skd_cldbrk_blur_max=16 (long, max=32)
modify the cloud darkness in skybreaks:
sve_skd_cldbrk_drk_min_min=0.5 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_cldbrk_drk_max=0.85 (float, max=1.0)
toggle blight yellow skybreaks on/off:
sve_skd_cldbrk_blight_yel=1 (long, 1 or 0)

For overcast/rainy/thunder/snow/blizzard weathers:
modify base size range of cloudbreak:
sve_skd_cldbrk_min=24 (long, min=0)
sve_skd_cldbrk_max=96 (long, max=256)
modify cloudbreak 1st/3rd harmonic wave distortion max:
sve_skd_cldbrk_w1_min=16 (long, max=128)
sve_skd_cldbrk_w2_max=64 (long, max=128)
modify cloudbreak barrel distortion range (0=no distortion):
sve_skd_cldbrk_brrl_min=1.0 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_cldbrk_brrl_max=5.0 (float, max=6.0)
modify cloudbreak layering cloudy or clear backdrops
sve_skd_cldbrk_typ=67 (long, min=0=always clear, max=100=always cloudy)
sve_skd_cldbrk_mix=50 (long, min=0=as above, max=100=random choice)
modify cloudbreak oritentation (0=always north-south, 100=always east-west)
sve_skd_cldbrk_rot_chnc=50 (long min=0, max=100)
modify cloudy layering density (inverse to transparency)
sve_skd_cldy_alpha1/2/3=0.35/0.35/0.35 (float, min=0.0, max=1.0)
modify cloudy layering density (inverse to transparency) variation of above
sve_skd_cldy_alpha_max_dev=0.25 (float, min=0.0, max=min of alpha1/2/3 above)
modify cloud break overlay chance of primarily clear (0) or cloudy (100) type
sve_skd_cldbrk_typ=100 (long, min=0 max=100)
modify cloudy break overlay chance of secondary same or random type
sve_skd_cldbrk_mix=50 (long, min=0 max=100)
modify cloudy overlay type 4x standard or xtra=current cloudy and or clear
sve_skd_4x_or_xtra_cldy=50 (long, min=0 max=100)

For clear/cloudy weathers:
increase for increased chance of double, triple, quadruple, .. cloud layering:
sve_skd_dbl_cldy=66 (long, %, min=0, max=100)
modify maximum clear sky darkening factor
sve_skd_cl_sky_max_dev=25 (long, %, min=0, max=100)
modify maximum clear sky (backdrop default blue) darkening factor
sve_skd_cl_sky_max_dev=25 (long, %, min=0, max=100)
modify double cloudy weather overlay alpha opacity:
sve_skd_clrcld_a_min=0.70 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_clrcld_a_max=1.00 (float, max=1.0)
modify double cloudy weather overlay shading darker/lighter:
sve_skd_clr/cld_clrmtx_min=1.15 (float, min=0.7/0.9)
sve_skd_clr/cld_clrmtx_max=1.45 (float, max=1.0/1.0)

For particles
increase/decrease for more/less transparent particles:
sve_skd_prtcl_min=0.3 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_prtcl_max=1.5 (float, max=3.0)

For old style (drawn on the sky texture) rainbows
increase/decrease rainbow chance during each weather break:
sve_skd_rnbw_chnc=0 (long, min=0 max=100)
increase/decrease for more/less intense rainbows:
sve_skd_rnbw_min_a=0.25 (float, min=0.0)
sve_skd_rnbw_max_a=0.40 (float, max=1.0)
increase/decrease rainbow blur range:
sve_skd_rnbw_min_blur=6 (long, min=0)
sve_skd_rnbw_max_blur=12 (long, max=8)
increase/decrease for wider/thinner rainbows:
sve_skd_rnbw_min_w=64 (long, min= 16)
sve_skd_rnbw_max_w=192 (long, max=256)

For new style (vtastek MGE-XE shader generated) rainbows
increase/decrease shader rainbow chance during each weather break:
sve_skd_rnbw_shdr_wthrbrk_chnc=50 (long, min=0 max=100)
increase/decrease shader rainbow chance during each sky break:
sve_skd_rnbw_shdr_skybrk_chnc=33 (long, min=0 max=100)
change other shader rainbow attributes
sve_skd_rnbw_shdr* (contact me for more info)

For skybreak color cycles:
increase/decrease the for more/less colorful skybreaks:
sve_skd_clr_chng_min=20 (long, min=0)
sve_skd_clr_chng_max=50 (long, max=100)
increase/decrease for shorter/longer skybreak cycles:
sve_skd_clr_chng_t0_min=10 (long, seconds)
sve_skd_clr_chng_t0_max=30 (long, seconds)
sve_skd_clr_chng_t1_min=10 (long, seconds)
sve_skd_clr_chng_t1_max=30 (long, seconds)
sve_skd_clr_chng_tr_min=5 (long, seconds)
sve_skd_clr_chng_tr_max=15 (long, seconds)

For weather break timing:
change the delay between weather breaks in game time (hours)
sve_skd_wthr_brk_hrs_min=1.25 (float >=timescale/10)
sve_skd_wthr_brk_hrs_min=2.5 (float >=timescale/10)




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