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NOT compatible with MO2.

This mod creates unique nightly star and moon textures and unique each weather change sky textures. Additional scripting effects include real time varying cloudbreak colors, occasional weather breaks with chance of rainbows, and northern latitude auroras.

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NOT compatible with MO2.

Notice: v1.33 update (separate download from the Main File) does 2 things:
        - Adds new MGE-XE 10B24 scripted effects: sun glare, wind speed and cloud speed variations.
          Most noticeably, now incliment weather sky breaks are accompanied by the sun coming out.
        - Fixes a potential CTD associated with long mod lists and MWSE 2.0.  Thanks to Hummes' help to debug it!

This mod uses a command line co-executable running in parallel with Morrowind to coordinate ImageMagick and TES3CMD command line calls with MGE-XE and MWSE scripting to generate unique nightly star and moon textures and unique each weather change sky textures.  Additional scripting effects include real time varying cloudbreak colors, occasional weather breaks with chance of rainbows, and northern latitude auroras.

Part of the May 2016 Modathon Month!

See the screenshots and videos..
v1.01 - added sve_skd_rnbw_min/max_blur = 5/7 (previously hard coded to 3)
v1.02 - further tuned rainbow blurring to support new default min/max = 6/12
 - adjusted rainbow opacity from 0.15-0.35 to 0.25-0.40 based on bethsoft forum poll results
  - fixed skybreak color bug that was causing day, sunset and night skies to be off
    from what the should have been (with sunset and night especially effected)
v1.03 - fixed MWCMD_SkyDiversity_global_overrides.ini parsing error
    in earlier releases that prevented reading the file correctly
v1.10 - added vtastek shader rainbow support
v1.11 - corrected MWSE version requirement in readme
v1.20 - removed MWSE. dll and MGEXEgui. exe date check due to format region dependence
  - modified script to eliminate stray inventory refresh tokens by default
  - added MCP 2-3 beta requirement to fix intermittent scripting bug
  - fixed sudden rainbow appearance/disappearance bugs
  - added sun color variation with sky color, mainly to improve rainbow visibilities
  - tweaked several globals to tie rainbow intensity to sky color
  - added global_override.ini overrides for 100% chance of cloud and weather break rainbows
v1.30 - fixed rainbow shader to only activate during rainy/thunderstorm/snowy sky and weather breaks
         - added "SHFT-X-Z" menu options for sky/moon/aurora favorites generation, saving, loading and deleting - added "SHFT-X-Z" menu options for changing a few of the most common global variables controlling   sky, moon and borealis texture generation vs loading, sky and weather break time periods,     moon generation types, etc.Notes: This mod is incompatible with OpenMW due to MGE-XE, MWSE and original CS purgetextures function calls.
  This mod is compatible with the Steam version but requires launching Morriwind as normal
  for Steam, followed by alt-tab back launch MWCMD. exe after reaching the main menu.  Sorry
   for the inconvenience and hopefully some better method can be devised in the future.

All weather types seed sky textures
- Randomly selects from any number of textures with the format Tx_*Sky_<weather>*.dds  placed in the Data Files\Textures\SkyDiversity\Sky_Variations folder; this folder will be created the first time MWCMD runs, with original Sky textures subdirectory.

Clear and cloudy weather
- Randomly overlays a second, third, fourth .. clear or cloudy texture
- Randomly adjusts the density (alpha component) of the sky texture(s)

All other weathers (Foggy, Overcast, Rainy, Thunder, AshStorm, Blight, Snow, Blizzard)
- Randomly generates sky breaks in the sky textures overlaid on top of the default sky background color
- Randomly overlays the broken sky on top of a randomly generated extra cloudy background 
- gradually alternates the cloudy covered broken sky breaks between the default (typically gray) and cloudy (typically blue) sky colors

Inclement weather breaks (Rainy, Thunder, AshStorm, Blight, Snow, Blizzard)
- Random breaks in rain/ash/blight/snow precipitation allowing easier skygazing

Rainbows during Rainy, Thunder and Snow Weather breaks
- Adds a chance of gradual rainbow appearance and disappearance during Rainy, Thunder and Snow weather break

- By default, extends and rotates the stars texture to give an off-center view that  traverses a complete cycle once per year; it's not quite astronomically accurate but it's closer than the default game engine 4 day centered cycle
- Optionally (in the console "set sve_skd_stars_rotate_or_random to 1") randomly selects a new star texture every night from any number of textures with the format Tx_Sky_Stars*.dds placed in the Data Files/Textures/SkyDiversity/Stars_Variations/ subdirectory

Aurora Borealis
- Northern lights of varying shape, colors and intensity will appear in the night sky at  far north latitudes.

- Generates 24 unique moon textures per full moon cycle (instead of the default 8) filling in more or less new, crescent, half, gibbous and full moon illuminations.
- Adds some random rotation to "dry" or "wet" looking moons on the horizon (not astronomically linked to the season as in real life)
- Optional and customizable planetshine and atmospheric scattering effects
-  Every moon every night is unique with each passing day and month

- Randomly adjusts particle (rain, snow, ash, etc) textures to be heavier (lower alpha content) or lighter (higher alpha content) once per day.