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Adds a portable house to the game. No special steps to acquire, a spell to access the home is added by the mod. Has various convenience features, see detailed description for a full list.

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YAPHM Features:

** Scripted Entry and Exit:

Casting the entry spell gives you the choice to teleport into the home or not, either by script or Travel NPC (for use with companions).

To exit the home, use the special "Exit Door" and you will be sent back to wherever you entered the home.

You can also sneak while activating the Exit Door. This opens a menu where you can teleport to Seyda Neen (If you get stuck in the house).

The player can also access a set of Travel NPCs the same way. They let you teleport to several places:

Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Vivec, Mournhold, the docks of Fort Frostmoth, and finally Raven Rock.

Please note, entry and exit of the home use the "Mark" and "Recall" spell effects.

Entering the home will over-write any Mark you have set.


** Alchemical Ingredient Sorter:

This will sort Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon ingredients.

The Sorter is a Dwemer desk, located in the "YAPHM, Main Room" cell.

To use, have your character sneak, then open the desk.


** Scroll Sorter:

This will sort nearly any spell scroll in the game.

It's a small end-table next to the Alchemy Sorter desk.

To use, have your character sneak, then open the table.


** Potion Sorters:

There are two chests on the floor under the Ingredient Sorter.

They are labeled "Potion sorter: A through J" and "Potion Sorter: L through W".

These chests will sort most potions based on their effect.

(These chests will not sort spoiled potions, alcohols, or quest related potions.)

To use, have your character sneak, then open the chest..


(Note: Sorter containers are scripted. You have to use the script functions to add items to them, it can't be done manually.)


** Alchemy Desorter(s):

A tray next to the Alchemy Sorter has several scrolls on it.

These act as a handy way to get ingredients out of storage that are used to make these potions:

-- Restore Health

-- Restore Fatigue

-- Cure Common Disease

-- Restore Magicka

-- Feather

-- Levitation

-- Water Breathing

-- Fire shield

-- Fortify Strength

-- Invisibility

The scripts used take your Alchemy skill into account.


** Music Box:

This is next to the door where you enter the home. Activate it while sneaking, and a script will run which allows you to select an .mp3 to play in-game.

Included with the mod is a set of small music files for testing purposes. These are meant to be replaced with the .mp3 files of your choosing.

To add your own music, rename your .mp3 files to the same file names as the provided music files, and put them in the "Music/YAPHM"' folder.

Note: Don't change the "Cancel.mp3" file. If you do change it, overwrite it with the copy of "Cancel.mp3" found in the zip file.


** Locking Chest:

A small chest which can be locked by activating it while sneaking.

Use it to store items or to train your lock picking.

Oh, there's not a key to it, so you'll need to pick it open or use a spell.


** Tome of Curative Spells:

This special book is pretty much an "Imperial Cult" or "Tribunal Temple" shrine.

It lets you cure diseases and poisons. You can also use to to restore your attributes. It costs a lot to use though.


** Dwemer Oven:

A Necessities of Morrowind compatible Dwemer Oven. For flavor, the door is scripted to allow opening and closing.


** Ample Storage:

About 11000 units, not including the infinite capacity of the various Sorters.