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Simple needs mod - adds the need to eat, drink, and sleep, the potential for drug addiction, a shelter system, and dynamic compatibility with mod-added water sources
Highly configurable, highly compatible
Uses only default Morrowind assets
Patches for Tamriel Rebuilt and Morrowind Crafting
Requires MWSE and the Morrowind Cod

Permissions and credits
The Bare Necessities - A Simple Compatible Needs Mod

A simple needs mod designed to maintain maximum compatibility and immersion. This mod adds no new assets and touches no leveled lists, so it can be used with essentially any other mod available. It relies entirely on light scripting and vanilla Morrowind assets to create a system of needs that BLENDS IN with the original game. Unlike other mods that employ awkward container-based or automated eating methods, food and drink in this mod function just like any other item in game. To eat or drink, simply drag items from your inventory to your character or use their assigned hotkeys, just as you would to eat ingredients or drink potions. Eat and drink regularly from a lore-friendly list of items or suffer penalties to key attributes, and even death. Sleep is also a necessity; players must rest regularly to remain effective, lending gameplay an immersive rhythm. For adventurers who need to go long periods without sustenance, drugs such as skooma and moon sugar can be powerful tools; they can be used to erase hunger, thirst, and fatigue all at once in dungeons or dangerous situations. However, as powerful drugs, they also carry risks. If used too frequently, your character may find itself addicted, plagued by withdrawal symptoms and fevered sleep for which the only cure is time or more skooma. Overall, this mod lends gameplay a sense of realism and immersion, and its effects are consequential but not overbearing. Players must gauge the risks and benefits of venturing out unprepared, and must now interact with the world of Morrowind in a realistic way, hunting, scavenging, or bartering for their lives. All features are modular and can be individually configured.

I. Features

- Hunger applies penalties to Endurance, which determines total fatigue available for running, jumping, and attacking
- Penalties accumulate steadily each 8 hours gone without food (adjustable via config)
- After going 3 days without eating, your character will begin to die of starvation, suffering constant health damage
- The hungrier your character gets, the more they must eat to recover
- 1 "unit" of food will satisfy 8 hours of hunger
- Reaching full satiety will slightly fortify Endurance
- Foods satisfy hunger depending on 2 criteria: size (small/large) and type (animal/vegetable/baked/soup)
- The satiety value associated with each size and type of food is ajustable via the in-game config
- Edible foods include the following:
- Ash Yams
- Bread
- Comberries
- Crab Meat
- Daedra Hearts
- Durzog Meat
- Hackle-Lo Leaves
- Holly Berries
- Hound Meat
- Human Meat
- Kwama Eggs (large and small)
- Marshmerrow
- Muffins
- Rat Meat
- Saltrice
- Scrib Cabbage
- Scrib Jelly
- Scrib Jerky
- Scuttle
- Slaughterfish Scales (they're edible according to the UESP wiki)
- For users of Tamriel Rebuilt, the following foods will provide sustenance:
- Alit Meat
- Bay Fish
- Bread Dough
- Small Colovian Loaves (large and small)
- Cooked Durzog Meat
- Cooked Hound Meat
- Cooked Rat Meat
- Cookies
- Deshaan Bread
- Guar Meat
- Hamum Roots
- Human Hearts
- Kagouti Meat
- Kwama Meat
- Molecrab Eggs
- Nordic Boar Meat
- Nordic Mutton
- Ornada Eggs
- Ornada Meat
- Parastylus Meat
- Racer Meat
- Scrib Pies
- Warm Meat
- For users of Morrowind Crafting, all raw ingredients and cooked foods will provide sustenance

- Thirst applies penalties to Strength, which determines max encumbrance and damage done by weapons
- Penalties accumulate steadily each 8 hours gone without drinking
- After going 3 days without drinking, your character will begin to die of dehydration, suffering constant health damage
- The thirstier your character gets, the more they must drink to recover
- 1 "unit" of liquid will satisfy 8 hours of thirst
- Reaching full hydration will slightly fortify Strength
- Drinks quench thirst depending on 2 criteria: size (small/large) and type (water/alcohol/juice/soup)
- The thirst value associated with each size and type of drink is ajustable via the in-game config
- Hydration comes in several forms; liquors from the vanilla game and a new "Water" items added by this mod
- Water can be drunk straight from any body of water or well and stored in empty bottles, flasks, and jugs
- To get water, jump into any body of water; drinking and bottle-filling are prompted by the resulting splash (if you are thirsty/have empty bottles)
- Alternatively, you will be prompted to wait 1 hour to fill bottles when entering rain (if you have empty bottles)
- Bottled water appears in the inventory like any other item; uses the default Morrowind bottle/jug/flask icons, meshes, and textures
- Potable drinks include the following:
- Ancient Dagoth Brandy
- Cyrodiilic Brandy
- Flin
- Greef
- Mazte
- Nord Mead
- Shein
- Sujamma
- Vintage Brandy
- Flasks of Water (added by mod)
- Bottles of Water (added by mod)
- Jugs of Water (added by mod)
- For users of Tamriel Rebuilt, the following drinks will provide hydration:
- Aloe Juice
- Cheap Wine
- Colovian Battlewine (regular and vintage)
- Goya
- Greef in Stoneware Jugs
- Hamum Root Juice
- Holly Wine
- Jagga
- Kvatch Wine
- Nibenay Valley Holy Wine
- Restorative Spring Water
- Scamp Broth
- Spoiled Sutch Wine
- Surilie Brothers Wine
- Sutch Wine
- Sweetpulp Juice
- Tamika's Cellar Fine Wine
- Trama Tea
- Ungorth
- Veig
- Wayrest Spiced Wine
- For users of Morrowind Crafting, all craftable soups and drinks will provide hydration

- Fatigue applies penalties to Agility, which determines accuracy and dodging in combat, and Intelligence, which determines magicka capacity and regeneration
- Penalties are light between 8 and 16 hours awake, but grow more severe thereafter
- After going 3 days without sleeping, your character will begin to die of sleep deprivation, suffering constant health damage
- The more tired your character gets, the more they must sleep to recover
- Napping for over 3 hours will slightly decrease fatigue (8 hours worth of penalties); naps serve a purpose
- Full sleep for over 8 hours will entirely decrease fatigue (any level of penalties); daily/nightly sleep is vital
- Possessing the Extra Comfy Pillow decreases sleep requirements by 1 hour
- Reaching full restedness slightly fortifies Agility and Intelligence

- In tandem with the Fatigue system, the Shelter system requires players to find shelter and a bed to sleep; simply waiting in the open will have no effect on fatigue and restfulness
- Prevents resting outside in inclement weather
- Portable Bedrolls and Tents added by the mod are required to sleep outside or in the rain
- To use tents and bedrolls, place them on the ground and activate
- To take tents and bedrolls, activate them while sneaking
- Tents cannot be used indoors
- In order to maintain compatibility, the main file (TheBareNecessities.esp) does not add bedrolls or tents to the world; they must be obtained through console ( Player->AddItem BN_Bedroll_Packed # and Player->AddItem BN_Tent_Packed # )
- An included optional file (TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter.esp) adds these items to common merchant containers; they will be available at general traders in many towns and outposts on Vvardenfell and Solstheim (this is NOT required for the shelter system to work)
- TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_TamrielRebuilt.esp adds these items to various places in Tamriel Rebuilt's mainland (requires Tamriel Rebuilt's master (.esm) files, does NOT require the original SleepAndShelter.esp)
- TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_Starfires.esp adds these items to travelling merchants from Starfire's NPCs v1.11 (requires original mod, must be loaded after, does NOT require the original SleepAndShelter.esp)
- TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_ComesAlive.esp adds these items to NPCs from Morrowind Comes Alive v8.2 (requires original mod, must be loaded after, does NOT require the original SleepAndShelter.esp)

- Skooma and moon sugar can be used to instantly alleviate hunger, thirst, and fatigue
- Taking skooma entirely removes needs, while sugar erases 1 "unit" of each need
- Consuming enough skooma or sugar within a given period will result in addiction
- Once addicted, going too long without skooma or sugar will induce withdrawal
- As withdrawal sets in, your character will suffer penalties to Willpower and Personality, and after a certain point will be unable to sleep
- Withdrawal can only be cured by suffering through it for several days, or by finding more skooma...

Checking Needs:
- Messageboxes and sounds will alert you when your character becomes hungry, thirsty, tired, or addicted
- Messageboxes and sounds can be separately toggled in the in-game config menu
- Needs and penalties are listed as active effects in the magic menu

Who Needs?:
- Vampires do not need to eat or drink, but still need to sleep
- Needs are suspended when in werewolf form, but will return to previous levels when reverting to human form
- Needs are suspended when in jail, except for skooma addiction; jail can even be an effective means to dry out without suffering penalties from sleep deprivation

Dynamic Water Replacement: (New feature in version 1.2)
- Greatly improves compatibility with new lands and city mods without the need for patches
- As the player moves through the world, a script will periodically scan for static wells and water-objects and replace them with identical versions scripted to provide water when activated
- Scan frequency can be adjusted via the in-game config: default frequency is once per interior cell traversed and once per three exterior cells traversed
- Alternatively, scans can be triggered by dropping the default wooden or metal bucket items in the world (this feature is OFF by default)
- This feature can cause slowdown on lower-end computers, particularly in exterior areas containing numerous static objects: users with older computers may want to turn down scan frequency or use the bucket-triggered method instead (each method can be independently toggled as needed)
- Wells in vanilla Morrowind can be found in Pelagiad, Ebonheart, Dagon Fel, Wolverine Hall, and Skaal Village, as well as Dwarven wells located in numerous ruins
- Wells in Tamriel Rebuilt can be found in most major settlements, and replacements use Tamriel Rebuilt's original meshes and textures
- Tamriel Rebuilt makes use of numerous "fake-water" static objects, particularly in areas of high elevation. These will also be replaced, and can be activated to drink and collect water
- An included optional file (TheBareNecessities_WaterSources.esp) alters the script of several vanilla Morrowind activator objects (the waterfalls seen in the wilderness and Vivec city) to provide water upon activation; Instances of these objects added by other mods will also provide water
- This can be used along with the dynamic replacement feature or in lieu of it: it is less performance intensive and less invasive in save files, but does not cover as many locations in the game
- The "Restore Replaced Objects" feature accessible through the config menu will cause subsequent scans to restore previously replaced water objects to their original state: this can be used to safely clean changes made by the mod to save files

Immersive Alchemy:
- Previous versions of The Bare Necessities required and included a modified version of Syclonix's "At Home Alchemy" due to engine constraints; thanks to the updated Morrowind Code Patch, this is no longer required as of v1.2, and has been uploaded as a separate file here at
- Those who wish to continue using this feature do not need to re-download the new version; it is identical to the old one

II. Requirements
- Requires both expansions (Bloodmoon and Tribunal, or the GOTY edition)
- Requires the Morrowind Code Patch v2.2+ as of v1.2. The only feature necessary for The Bare Necessities to function is the "Incorrect inventory sounds fix", without which the mod will not recognize when you eat or drink
- Requires MWSE (v0.9.4+), which is available on its own ( or as part of Morrowind Graphics Extender XE (
- FOR OLD VERSIONS PRIOR TO 1.2, INVENTORY MUST BE MAPPED TO RIGHT-CLICK (as in default settings) OR TAB (if so, use the "toggle inventory key" option present in the older in-game config)

III. Installation

- Ensure that TheBareNecessities.esp and any optional files desired make it into your Morrowind/Data Files folder. Drag and drop is a surefire method, I don't use the Nexus Mod Manager for Morrowind so I can't comment as to whether it works
- Optional files include TheBareNecessities_TamrielRebuilt.esp (patch), TheBareNecessities_MorrowindCrafting.esp (patch), TheBareNecessities_TamrielRebuilt+MorrowindCrafting.esp (patch), TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter.esp (addon), TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_TamrielRebuilt.esp (addon/patch), TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_ComesAlive (addon/patch), TheBareNecessities_SleepAndShelter_Starfires.esp (addon/patch), and TheBareNecessities_WaterSources (addon)

IV. Updating
- Those who had previous versions of the mod installed should make a clean save by following the instructions in the old ReadMe file per their previous version before installing and activating the new version
- Those experiencing difficulty uninstalling due to the "weariness bug" that plagued previous versions should download the fix by Alec127 (, follow the uninstall instructions with that mod active, then deactivate and delete it with the other files
- The .esp files from previous versions should be deleted; the nomenclature has changed for the patches, so they will not be overridden by dragging-and-dropping the new versions and can generally stick around and get confusing and break things

V. Configuration
- To configure the mod, open the console (~) and type "set BN_ConfigStart to 1"
- Options to reset needs and addiction, adjust hunger/thirst/fatigue/withdrawal timers, toggle needs and addiction, toggle the need for shelter, toggle various water sources, toggle dynamic water replacement, adjust replacement scan frequency and trigger method (automatic or bucket), dynamically revert replaced water objects, toggle text and sound notifications, toggle debug mode, and uninstall the mod

VI. How it Works

- Player inventory is tracked as menus are opened and closed and items are added and removed
- Eating and drinking is detected from the eat and swallow sounds, which now function properly thanks to the Morrowind Code Patch v2.2. Restrictions on hotkeyed eating and eating out of containers from previous versions no longer apply
- After eating, drinking, sleeping or taking skooma, you will receive a text and/or sound notification about how hungry, thirsty, tired, or addicted you still are (configurable). Effects will be applied and penalties erased once the menu is closed (instantly if consuming hotkeyed items)
- You will be alerted to the requirement for shelter if you attempt to sleep outside or in inclement weather without the necessary equipment
- Water source replacement occurs dynamically as you traverse the game world; you will receive the message "You hear the sound of a nearby well" or "You hear the sound of nearby water" each time a nearby water source is replaced (configurable)

VII. Compatibility
- Should be compatible with all mods, even other needs mods like Necessities of Morrowind and Basic Needs. However, their functionality will be redundant, so it is not recommended to use other needs mods alongside this one
- The only vanilla objects affected by this mod are the miscellaneous "common bucket" and "metal bucket" items, which have a script attached to trigger well replacement scans by dropping them (off by default). Placing any mods that add scripts to those specific items lower in your load order than the Bare Necessities should solve any problems, and will not impact other features of The Bare Necessities
- Food, drinks, and drugs from other mods will not be recognized by The Bare Necessities without a patch
- As of version 1.2, items from Tamriel Rebuilt v15.12 (December 2015 release) and Morrowind Crafting v2.1 are supported: patch files are included in the main download
- Numerous items that are included in the Tamriel Rebuilt "TR_Data.esm" file but not yet used in the gameworld are covered in the patch: this should ensure compatibility for versions in the near future without the need for incremental patching with each release
- Optional "Sleep And Shelter" plugins for Tamriel Rebuilt, Starfire's NPCs, and Morrowind Comes Alive add tents and bedrolls to characters from those mods and can be used as an alternative to the main "Sleep and Shelter" file to obtain the tent and bedroll items in-game without needing to patch or merge levelled list with other mods that affect vanilla merchants
- Mods adding new instances of vanilla and Tamriel Rebuilt wells and water sources will be affected by the dynamic water replacement feature; however, patches will be required for other mods that add new assets from which you would expect to get water, i.e. custom wells or waterfall meshes, etc

VIII. Troubleshooting
- Version 1.2 should be considered a beta release. While all features have been thoroughly and repetitively tested, I have not had the chance to test this version through long-term play. The dynamic water replacement feature in particular will have a much greater impact on save files than any features in the previous version, so consider turning it off at first and backing up any important saves. However, the main features should be much more stably coded than in previous versions and less likely to wonk out in the middle of a playthrough
- Users who have trouble with any portion of the mod should first attempt to isolate the problem using the debug mode provided. If a bug is suspected, turn on the debug mode (through the in-game config or by typing "set BN_DebugMessage to 1" in console) and try to recreate and isolate the circumstances under which the bug occurs
- Using the options provided in the config menu, you should be able to diagnose (or outright fix) most issues with the new version. In an emergency, the provided uninstall option can also be used to remove the mod

IX. Uninstallation
- Use the in-game config menu and click "Uninstall" to deactivate the mod. This will remove any active penalties and deactivate any running scripts. Quit the game and delete TheBareNecessities.esp and any optional files installed
- For users of the Dynamic Water Replacement feature, deleting the .esp file will cause all water objects replaced in a given save file to disappear UNLESS the "Restore Replaced Objects" feature in the config menu is first used to restore them to their original states. This entails visiting the location of each replaced object to trigger the reset, so plan ahead before uninstalling
- Alternatively, the .esp file can simply left in place after an uninstall; the replacement water objects are identical to the originals save for the small name box that appears when they are moused over

X. Modding the Mod, or "How to Treat My Baby Well"

- Prior to version 1.2, users expressed some concerns in the comments about Nexus policies regarding uploading their own fixes and improvements to the mod. From the author's perspective, there will likely be long periods of time in which I will be unable to work on this mod, and given the wealth of ideas that have been expressed in the comments for changes and improvements, I want to ensure that others have the chance to tinker with the mod and share their results. As such, permissions are completely open from this version forwards with regards to uploading and requirements, and I have done my best to make the new version easily customizable and relatively future-proof (see below)
- With version 1.2, I have included a debug feature that should help users to figure out how the mod works and what can be changed without breaking anything. When this mode is activate, each major scripted function of the mod will send a messagebox to the screen, letting you know when items are being counted or timers set, which script is doing the counting, etc. Unfortunately, only 3 such messages can be displayed onscreen at a time in Morrowind, and very frequently more than that will appear in a short period of time and push the others offscreen, so it may be necessary to turn off features unrelated to the one you're testing using the config to figure out what's happening and in what order
- The mod's scripts are heavily annotated with messageboxes enclosed between code lines that read: 
if ( BN_DebugMessage == 1 )
MessageBox, "(Description of script function)"
These should give anyone poking through the scripts a good idea as to what each function does
- Most basic parameters of the mod are now set through global values accessible in the Construction Set, rather than being hardcoded into the scripts as they were in previous versions. This means that many facets of the mod can be changed without having to edit scripts, which I hope will encourage even script-phobic users to edit the mod to their tastes. I have tried to make these variables' names as descriptive as possible to make changing them intuitive. However, for those who want to know exactly what each setting affects, their location and default value are commented into each relevant script: look for sections at the end of lines that read "; default ##". These settings can be used to, for example, change the rate at which you get hungry/thirsty/tired, change the amount you need to consume or rest to erase needs, change the threshold between a nap and full sleep, make alcohol more or less hydrating, etc. I likely won't change any of these in any future iterations of the mod, so I encourage you as the user to go nuts and make it your own
- For those who wish to design patches to make items from other mods work with the hunger/thirst/addiction systems, you will need to know the basics of scripting. However, even those with no scripting background should be able to create patches by mimicking the existing formatting of the mod
- Thanks to the joint Tamriel Rebuilt+Morrowind Crafting patch included in the new version, the scripts have been stress tested under large calculations and are much more open to change and expansion than they were in previous versions. However, thanks to the mercurial nature of the Morrowind engine, even seemingly innocuous changes can cause unexpected problems with the scripts, so anyone who wants to expand the mod more dramatically should be aware of several potential pitfalls...
- To create a patch, you will need to add references to all of the foods/drinks/drugs in the mod to their corresponding script (hunger/thirst/addiction). Declare new short variables in each script that will corresponding to the number of each relevant item in the player's inventory, declare new float variables to add the short variables of a given type and multiply them by their corresponding size/type multiplier, and add these new variables to the script paralleling the format of the pre-existing functions. These functions are executed in 2 large blocks of code, and can be VERY sensitive to adding new variables or changing the order in which they are declared (look up the "34th variable bug" for an explanation). Calling certain numbered variables in the "Player->GetItemCount..." functions, notably the 34th, 65th, 66th, 68th, 77th, 82nd, and 84th (and likely more) variables of a given type (short/long/float) declared within a given script can lead to "BADOBJECTPOINTER" errors in-game, even when the script compiles without a warning in the editor. As such, take care to follow the pre-existing format and carefully test each item added when patching
- There also appears to be an functional limit to the number of variables that can be safely set in a given block of code, which seems to be exactly 65. If you use 66 or more "set [VariableName] to ( Player->GetItemCount "ItemName" ) functions in a single if/endif block, entirely unrelated sections of each script will not run (i.e. the hunger timer function won't reset correctly if you try to count more than 65 food items in a single block, though they will all count correctly and will not produce a compiler error). Therefore, if you want to create a patch for a mod that adds large numbers of foods/drinks/drugs WITHOUT maintaining the variables and functions used by the Tamriel Rebuilt and Morrowind Crafting patches, you're going to need to do some surgery and break script blocks into smaller chunks. Notably though, it doesn't appear to affect this whether you execute all these functions in a single frame; simply breaking your counting into multiple blocks should be enough to avoid this error
- Avoid saving changes to the main file ("TheBareNecessities.esp") in the Construction Set; the default non-Tamriel-Rebuilt versions contain purposefully deleted records of copies of Tamriel Rebuilt well and water objects that are re-activated and un-deleted in the patches. Saving changes in the main file in the Construction Set without activating these records will result in the loss of these records and break the TR patches. Instead, simply save changes to the main mod using MWEdit; this is a good idea anyway if you're messing with the scripts, as several of them contain extended MWSE functions that will not compile in the Construction Set anyway
- For reasons utterly unknown to me, and completely contrary to what I said in the above bullet-point, any changes you make to the main script specifically ("BN_ControlScript") need to be made in the Construction Set and NOT in MWEdit, or the mod will give errors on startup. I have no idea why, this game is fickle and cruel like that
- There are many ways this mod could be improved; while I would consider this version well-balanced for vanilla gameplay, there are undoubtedly ways it could be made more interesting or balanced for difficulty. The basic features of the mod will likely not change from this version out; if you have ideas for how to improve it mechanically, I encourage you to upload your own patch or version for others to try

XI. Credits
- Syclonix for the original "At Home Alchemy" mod
- Abot, qqqbbb, and Greatness7 on the Bethesda forums for providing templates and support for the dynamic water-replacement feature
- Hollaajith, Dragon32, and others who have provided troubleshooting support on the comments page
- Alec127 for his Weariness Patch for previous versions
- Hrnchamd for the new update to the Morrowind Code Patch
- Merzasphor for the new updates to Morrowind Script Extender

XII. Permissions
- Uploadable anywhere without permission. Patches and modified versions can be uploaded anywhere without permission and do not need to require the original mod