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This is a compatibility patch for Graphic Herbalism and Pearls Enhanced. It allows you to collect all the new pearls from kollops without having to open them like containers. In other words, this patch updates herbalism scripts to include the precious additions from Pearls Enhanced. Supports both standard version and coloured add-on.

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Graphic Herbalism - Pearls Enhanced Compatibility Patch


This plugin is a compatibility patch for Graphic Herbalism (and optionally its Extra module) and Pearls Enhanced (the patch has options for both the normal version and the Coloured Pearls Add-on). It alters GH scripts so that player can obtain the beautiful pearls from Pearls Enhanced mod while maintaining the normal herbalism mechanism on kollops. Chances for all the different pearls are unchanged.

There are multiple esps to cater to different possible mod combinations. The instructions are detailed in the readme.


Graphic Herbalism
Pearls Enhanced