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Sotha Sil was somewhat disappointing in vanilla Tribunal, so we've made a massive expansion that creates the Clockwork City as it was always meant to be. A sprawling dungeon, a topsy-turvy city, and the madness of the Clockwork God all stand to challenge you!

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Sotha Sil's clockwork city: a massive churning construct of gears, oil, steam, and machinery of indescribable grace, function, and a certain kind of beauty. Working through a few dilapidated domes amidst the fabricant hordes, a Nerevaraine could only think about what the rest of the city must look like. It was a fancy which would never come to pass. A team of renowned modders have come together to expand on the mysterious and enchanting locale, expanding fully on the concept of what a god obsessed with technology and perfection of function could accomplish given infinite time and resources. Sotha Sil Expanded, does what the name suggests. No longer is Sotha Sil a few small halls with the occasional swinging axe. Now it is a massive, ever changing, ever shifting facility. The player must now use their brains, as they are presented with logical challenges within the enormous lair of Sotha Sil. Oceans of oil span across it, huge gear columns tower over its halls, and fabricants roam its space-warping streets. Yes, streets. For in addition to expanding the dungeon of Sotha Sil, we have gone and done what always should have been done. Sotha Sil now truly has a clockwork city, the one mentioned in lore but never shown, complete with shops and inhabitants. All the while of course, you are monitored by Gestalt, the enormous not-quite-there magical intelligence which runs the city.


  • A completely redone Sotha Sil, spanning over 60 enormous cells. Oceans of oil, valleys of gears, and much much more.
  • Puzzles! You'll find your weapon useless as many new things in the Clockwork City will require your mind, rather than your might.
  • A restored Clockwork City, straight out of lore, with over 300 buildings to explore and fabricant people to meet, all overseen by the Watchmen, Sotha Sil's automaton soldiers.
  • New artifacts straight out of lore. From the ghostly wraithmail to the totally useless Ethos Knife, Elder Scrolls, and even Sotha Sil's old legs.
  • New sidequests to complete in the clockwork city itself.
  • Three new types of armor sets, gearmail, ceramic, and quartz, and a new weapon style, clockwork.


  • If you didn't beat Tribunal yet, you can progress through the main quest of it to access the city.
  • If you don't want to start Tribunal, open the console and type "StartScript SothaSilTeleport"
  • Finally, if you already beat Tribunal, find your Mazed Band, equip it, and teleport to Sotha Sil. You'll get a newer, better one, at the end of SSE.
  • Once inside, you'll notice several things. Jump and levitate spells are useless, and combat, while existant, takes a back seat to obstacles and puzzles. You will have to use your mind to conquer Sotha Sil.
  • Also remember to search those corners you can reach! Helpful items are hidden in nooks and crannies!


FAQ, Compability,Resource Usage, Contact info

Is Sotha Sil alive? Can I talk to him? Hold him? Tell him everything will be alright as I tongue his bellybutton?
  • SSE does not change the ending of Tribunal, only expands upon it. Sotha Sil will still be dead, though there is, as we say, more to it.

Is this compatible with (Mod), what will it change?
  • The only things SSE will modify is the end dungeon in Tribunal, and Barilzar's Mazed Band. Any mods that make changes to these will be incompatible, otherwise you'll be fine.

What are the system requirements for SSE? What about level and mod requirements, will it need anything like Tamriel Rebuilt?
  • Tribunal and Bloodmoon are required for SSE, though no other mods or plugins are. We still recommend Saint_Jiub's Clockwork City Reborn for textures, as SSE was built with it in mind.
  • As for system requirements, if you are capable of running Morrowind on high settings just fine, you will also be able to run SSE. However, those with things such as MGE will be able to see more detail, as SSE has many interesting things rendered out of vanilla view range.

How long/large is SSE?
  • While we can't give you an accurate hour count, it is extremely large. The dungeon part itself is composed of over 60 interiors (many of them quite large), while altogether the entire mod is larger than Bloodmoon.

Does SSE have a main quest, what about side quests?
  • As said, Sotha Sil Expanded does have a main quest, which follows Tribunal's main quest. There are also 30 sidequests the player may do in and around the city area of Sotha Sil.

Are there one-time only areas?
  • Yes, many. Many areas in Sotha Sil can't be returned to, so search every available nook and cranny for loot.

What's the policy on resource usage?
  • All resources may be freely used, though if you do, please give credit.

What level should I be before beginning Sotha Sil Expanded?
  • You should be fairly high level, easily high enough to beat Tribunal's Main Quest without this modification, if not higher. Access to speed buffs is also recommended, whether it be high natural speed, potions, or the Boots of Blinding Speed. Or skooma. Lots and lots of skooma.

Does this work with OpenMW?
  • The latest builds of OpenMW specifically have made an attempt to make sure that it works with this mod and its many quirks. However, a bug involving moving platforms in OpenMW means that players may find it impossible to progress in certain sections of the mod without use of console commands.

Please note that those who play the mod and suffer from vertigo may find several parts sickening. This is not a joke, this is a disclaimer, and a warning. Please do not install this mod if you get motion sickness easily, or if you do so, play it in short bursts at a time.