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Mesh Replacer for Septims and Dumacs with optional Gold Bag mod

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Since version 5, StaticNation has included my realistically stacked septims in his main download. However, he has also incorporated a thinner version of the coins. Since I personally prefer the thicker coins I've reconverted his latest version (7.0) back to my original thicker version.

Optional: The Gold Bag mod: once you've robbed the wealthy people and organisations in Morrowind, they never seemed to recover from the financial blow and are unable to get their hands on more money. With this mod, bags of gold are placed in various places in Morrowind. After your filthy thieving hands have plundered these bags, they restock after 30 days. They are placed mostly in locations low-level players usually can't reach, are well hidden or already have some pretty damn good loot laying around. This mod is completely optional because some people might consider this a cheat. I rather see it as an extra touch of realism.

Required: Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs by StaticNation.