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A rewrite of CrazyT's Importer plugin. Allows importing and exporting MHW models in blender 2.79.
Features full mesh editing and creation. Skeleton editing and extension. Exporting with descriptive error messages.

Permissions and credits

CrazyT for the Mod3 Research Github, his original plugin which kickstarted the model research, and his help with debugging parts of this plugin: 

PredatorCZ/Lukas Cones for the  3Dsmax Plugin which was ported by CrazyT and for his Mod3 Research:

Jodo for his World Tex converter (and for compiling a version at my behest which has specific behaviour for the tool).

Chuck Walbourn for the DirectXTex library for dds to png convertor.

Cristian Năvălici for his crc32/crcjam code for python.

Ezekial for teaching me how to import models which started my spiral into mod3 research and his help with everything in general. Also for creating and mantaining a big part of the Modding Wiki.

MHW Modding Discord For all of the work done on mod3 research, people's amazing work making it worth it to create an improved version of the original importer, and their help channels. You can find me here under the name of Asterisk. The 3dmodelling help channel is normally quick to answer most doubts regarding the process.
This is a rewrite of CrazyT's Importer-Exporter Plugin. It incorporates the swathe of research findings since the original plugin was created and as a result has a significant number of improvements. It can open and save all models without exception (tested on the 5002 models in the game as of Chunk8).

The github source can be found here: Mod3-MHW-Importer
Submit technical issues about the importer here. For questions on usage refer to the wiki and the modding discord help channel.

Import and view *.mod3 files inside blender.
Also imports *.tex files.
Allows full modification of existing models.

Documentation on the Importer-Exporter, the Mod3 Format and tutorials can be found on Ezekial's Modding Wiki:'s-Plugin-Importer-Settings's-Plugin-Exporter-Settings's-Plugin-Features,-Errors-and-Critical-Errors

You can find me on discord if everything else fails at: